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Call me crazy: UF should hire Roland Smith

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said in his recruiting press conference that he wants to position one assistant coach in Miami-Dade County to recruit the fertile area. This will be a demanding job and will require someone who knows the area. Call me crazy, but I think that person is former Miami Northwestern High coach Roland Smith.

Smith would be the best possible replacement for former Florida assistant Doc Holliday, who recruited South Florida for years and most recently coached safeties at Florida. He was respected throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties but will never command the kind of attention Smith would receive on his first day on the job in Miami. The guy is a Miami hero.

Before you pass the idea off as nonsense, take a quick look at Smith's resume. He grew up in Miami, played defensive back for the University of Miami, coached high school at Miami mega-power Miami Northwestern and put together what many believe to be the best high school team in state history, the 2007 Bulls. Smith didn't coach the team in 2007 but he was certainly the team's architect. Smith led the 2006 Bulls to a state championship before being forced out by the school's administration. (Everyone remembers the whole Antwan Easterling fiasco, right? Good, no need to review it.)

ANYWAY, nine of those players from the 2007 Miami Northwestern team signed with the University of Miami in Febuary. I don't think this blog needs anymore explanation. Florida wouldn't miss a beat in recruiting Miami-Dade if it hired Roland Smith.



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I think it would be a good thing for recruiting, but i was trying to read about why he got fired (didn't read much) and think is to much of a risk.

This is the craziest idea I've ever heard. BUT I LIKE IT!

Your not only crazy your a f9cking loser and a moron and I hope you die in burning car. The day Coach Smith thinks about going to the Gay-Turds I will hunt you down.

My point exactly. If you get that pissed off, then it must be good.

It sounds like the Gators are starting to worry? Aren't your 5 star recruits from other states better than the 3 star recruits from S.Fla? That's what all the Gators have been saying. I would rather have two and three star recruits from S.Fla any-day, and it sounds like the Gators would to. And forget about Coach Smith, he is a U for life unlike Patchand JR. and SR!

It doesn't matter what recruits the Gators or Canes get, the Gators are still HEAD AND SHOULDERS above the Canes. Good luck making a bowl game LOSERS!

Sorry SFL-Cane - Yes recruiting SFla does matter!!! When was the last time U gayturds beat the U???

What a loser forum

No Joey, I will not call you crazy, but I will call you a UF graduate. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that, but only a UF-guy could think this one up.

Despite all the gator vexations for UM, it is flattering that they consider us important enough to be insulted by them everyday.

Roland Smith, sheesh!

The Gators should worry about keeping players out of jail this year and not about Roland Smith... They should also worry about Urban Buy-Her and his sleazy recruiting tactics or he'll end up like Sampson in Indiana!!!

GROW UP. Why don't you stupid ignorant girlie-men get a life. The jerk who says 'gayturds' all the time is an imbecile and LOSER. Anyone who always belittles the opponent and people is stupid, lowlife, slimey, scUM.
Learn to respect all people and opponents.
UM is going to get better. fsu is going to get better. FLA has a long ways to go defensively before they can compete at the highest level again. The miami and FLA game coming up in 6 months will be a high-scoring game that is a toss-up. The fsu/FLA game in 8 months will be the same - high scoring and a toss-up. RESPECT all people and all opponents. Then we can all have fun here and enjoy the STATE OF FLORIDA dominance in FB again. Please people - GROW UP.

Great post, Davey.

Anyone who refers to UM as "scUM" must a mUFf...

UF does not need Roland Smith. The Canes are loaded with "bullshit". How many years you think UM fans could put up with losing?

All these UM fans need to support their program. UM football operations need a makeover and a stadium. Roland Smith needs to stay on the HS level. Go Gators!!!!!!!!!!

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