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On Bobby Knight...

A little off topic here...

GAINESVILLE -- Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight apparently retired on Monday. He has won more basketball games (902) than anyone else in Division I men's college basketball. A lot of people (journos) didn't like the guy.

I've never met the man and, to be honest, never thought twice about Knight until Monday night. Pretty sure I'm a fan now. People will criticize Knight for retiring during the middle of the season. Texas Tech is 12-8. People will criticize Knight for retiring after recently earning his 900th career win. Those people lack perspective. Knight wanted 900 career wins (can't fault him for that) but, more importantly, he wanted his son to take over for him. Texas Tech doesn't really have the option of hiring someone other than Pat Knight during the middle of the season.

Knight didn't want to make it about himself. He could have announced his retirement before the season. Some coaches do this. They go through their entire final seasons receiving gifts and applause from every arena on the schedule. Opponents cheer the coaches in appreciation. Reporters clap for the coaches in their final press conference. (Nothing wrong with this, of course, but could anyone image reporters clapping for Knight after his final press conference? Would this be an example of masochism? When it came to the media, Knight was a full-time jerk and part-time lunatic.)

Knight didn't want any attention. He has had enough of that over the years. He retired on the Monday after the Super Bowl and broke the news in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. No press conference. No ESPN. No thank you. That's good stuff. That's how you give the world the finger. Two thumbs up for Knight. Doing it any other way would have ruined his image.



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Texas Tech named Pat Knight the successor back in 2005 so your logic is very flawed here.

No, it's not. Texas Tech was not bound to that agreement. Naming your successor back in 2005 is not the same as getting the assistant coach to sign a contract, which never happened. Overall, this is a good blog, although you left out the part about Bob graduating most of his players and turning boys into men. Those facts are cliche when you write about Bob, I guess.

Goodman, you are usually one of the better writers out there but you miss the boat on this one. If you ever covered Bobby Knight then you wouldn't be writing this. Bobby Knight is a complete waste. You should read Pat Forde's story on ESPN.com.

You can distort the truth however you like. It's easy to call Bobby Knight a hypocrite. Then again, it's easy to call anyone a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is what human beings do best. (And, in the case of Knight, his personal hypocrisy would have been retiring when the media said it was OK and proper.) Throwing dirt at a guy who won 902 basketball games one day after he retired is not exactly my idea of journalistic enlightenment. Did you not read the part, "A lot of people (journos) didn't like the guy..." Knight gave the media hell for a long time and sports writers, for the most part, are a bunch of pansies. They can dish it out but they can't take it. (See how easy it is to be a hypocrite.) The funny thing about Knight and his relationship with the media is that he probably helped advance more writers' careers than any other coach in college basketball history. Of course, you're not going to read that anywhere today.

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