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Post of the Year so far goes to this guy

In response to some testy Miami fans, a poster named Davey offered these refreshing words. Davey writes...

Why don't you stupid ignorant girlie-men get a life. The jerk who says 'gayturds' all the time is an imbecile and a LOSER. Anyone who always belittles the opponent and people is stupid, lowlife, slimey, scUM.
Learn to respect all people and opponents.
UM is going to get better. FSU is going to get better. Florida has a long ways to go defensively before they can compete at the highest level again. The Miami and Florida game coming up in six months will be a high-scoring game that is a toss-up. The FSU/Florida game in eight months will be the same -- high scoring and a toss-up. RESPECT all people and all opponents. Then we can all have fun here and enjoy the STATE OF FLORIDA dominance in football again. Please people - GROW UP.


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Davey, just shut up! FB is not for girls or friendship, it's for rivalry’s. The state of Florida does have the most talent but the 3 schools hate each other, so I say continue the crap talk and enjoy your school. Growing is boring, so act like a 17 year old enjoy life!

i love the canes but i have a feeling uf will mop the floor with us.

but i still hate uf.

You call us out for calling you guys, Gaytors yet you call us scUM. How do we lack class when you just did the same thing you said was classless?

Rivalry? Really? I'm a Gator first, but I always root for UM when they AREN'T playing he Gators.

UF & UM don't play each other (oh right, they're scared) ... when they do in Sept I'll root for UF.

FSU, well I guess it's an ok school if you can't get into UF or can't afford UM. When they get good at football again (& they will) then we'll think about that rivalry again.

Good luck to all.

I don't hate the Gators, i love college football and rivalries. I expect UF to win
big against the young and inexperienced Canes
this fall but it might be the last time for many years because the Canes will be back on track in no time...Hopefully for the fans we can play against each other every year...Just like we have done against FSU for so many years...Florida is the best state for football.
The only thing i hate are the fans with no class and who cannot be objective...We have goods and bads on either side.

waah waah waah.....the CANES call us gayturds....
And?? stop being such a bitch

and the same goes for you too gayturd writer

Thanks JG for the nice comments. I am really serious. C'mon folks. Lets grow up. Forget the standard "disrepect" and bad-mouthing opponents. Lets move this thing up a notch. One great benefit is "enjoyment" - true "enjoyment" of the athletes on all teams. Another benefit is this: when I can trust that we have all grown up and won't curse and throw urine on opposing fans, then I'll bring my 10 sons/daughters to the games again. Until then, I wouldn't get near the OB (Joe Robbie) or SWAMP for fear of having to explain to my children, why grown-ups act so rudely and ugly and boorish and etc... . Lets shock the world and change - starting right here and now. Who is ready to take this to the next level?

When put in this context (a sports blog), the above commenter’s hope for change is creepy. “Come on people, can’t we all take it to the next level? I know all of you hear me. We can change! Let me lead you into the Promised Land.”

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