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Score! More recruiting websites found

GAINESVILLE -- Stumbled across a new recruiting website this morning while surfing the web. Check out MapGameDay.com. Pretty neat site, actually. It thumbtacks recruits' hometowns atop a topographical map.

For example, Frankie Hammonds Jr.'s hometown of Hallandale is exactly 284.71 miles from Gainesville. The Florida recruit who grew up farthest from Gainesville? Receiver Carl Moore of Roseville, Cali. (2,290.48 miles). Safety Will Hill of West Orange, N.J., grew up 893.83 miles from Gainesville.



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Why does UF even have a blog in the herald??
They should eliminate this.

This school is so far away from miami it would make more sense to have a USF blog than a UF blog??

There's more UF grads in South Florida than Miami grads, that's why. And this is pretty much the best Florida blog in the state.

Dear Realisst,

UM will never be Florida. No matter how much it wants to be. It will always be the red headed step child of Florida Universities.

Learn it, Live it, DEAL WITH IT !!!!!!!

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