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Meyer not granting Wilson a release...Why?

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban Meyer said on Wednesday that he will not grant James Wilson a release from his scholarship, which would allow the redshirt freshman to cut ties with Florida and transfer.

Instead, Meyer told reporters that he still hopes to convince Wilson to stay put at Florida. Wilson, who announced he was transferring last week on his facebook.com page (bizarre), recently changed his Internet profile picture to a photo featuring him and several Wake Forest football players. Wilson played high school football at Ponte Vedra Beach Nease with several players who went to Wake Forest, including Demon Deacons quarterback Riley Skinner.

Wilson has avoided telephone calls for more than a week.

Officially, Meyer said that Wilson will miss spring practice due to a knee injury. Wilson, who was one of the nation's top recruits in 2006, injured his left knee last year and, according to Meyer, has actually never practiced with the Gators' football team. Wilson rehabbed his knee last season.

So, here's what I'm wondering: Why in the world would Meyer keep around a player who doesn't want to be there and has never actually practiced with the team to begin with? Meyer is convinced he can persuade Wilson to stay at Florida and cited several examples of players (C.I. and Jason Watkins) who wanted to quit Florida's team in the recent pass but instead stuck around.



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Why would we keep him? Meyers needs to stop that crap and let him go. If he wanted to transfer to Miami then I would understand (they will be tough to beat without Wilsons help) but not Wake Forest. They are in the ACC so who cares? Maybe this tells us Gator fans that our OL sucks?

No doubt that our offensive line last year was overrated and we got exposed against Georgia and Michigan. I think that we can't keep on losing players like we have, even worse on the O-line were we clearly need some help.

If he wants to go let him go, but we need to get players that wanna stay here. He would definitely have considerable playing time next year if he stays, but what he has done announcing his transfer in facebook means he wants to go, so let him.

hey UF Peru

el ceviche el lo maximo !!

it makes me laugh that while other coaches recruit players not on their team.

Urban Liar has to recruit his own players to stay.

he doesnt let him go cause he doesnt really care about the kid
only his own name and rep

Why would the ignorant jerks questions Urban "the great" Meyer and call him a "liar"? What low low low class crap. GROW UP JERKS. Repeat after me: I will no longer act like a jerk and bad-mouth people. Shannon is fine. Bowden is fine. Meyer is fine. We could all play that baby-jerk-low class game, but I will choose to stay above that crap.
If Meyer wants to try and reason with a silly 18-22 y.o. kid, then Meyer is in a far better position to assess the situation than you and/or me. What arrogance for us to question "WHY". Oh dear, oh dear, look what the Coach is doing today. Oh dear, oh dear. GROW UP and GET A LIFE. IDIOTS!!!

pretty sure miami is gonna win this year eithere way but its okay you can all keep home...marve already torched tebows records now he will do it on the field!! gotta love it when the canes are on top...(in the ncaa tourney while gators watch from the NIT

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