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Mitchell second Gator to quit Florida in a week

GAINESVILLE -- First Marreese Speights and now Jonathan Mitchell, Florida lost its second player in a week on Friday.

Mitchell announced on Friday that he's transferring out of Florida. No word where he's going yet. Does it matter? Not really. It's not like he's good enough to transfer to another SEC school (or a Big East squad for that matter). Unlike the case of Speights, subtraction is addition in the case of Mitchell.

Florida now has seven scholarship players on its roster and five incoming freshman. That puts the Gators at 12 scholarships. The maximum allowed by the NCAA for one season is 13. This could mean three things:

1) Speights figures out he isn't going to be drafted in the first round and he returns to Florida for a run at SEC player of the year (along with Nick Calathes, of course). Speights has not hired an agent, meaning he is still considered an amateur under NCAA rules.

2) Florida coach Billy Donovan can offer the scholarship to someone right now. (Perhaps someone who committed elsewhere because Florida didn't have any more scholarships to give).

3. Donovan can save the scholarship for next year. This is the most likely scenario. Florida's roster is already overcrowded with underclassmen. What's the point of adding one more if the guy's name isn't Michael Beasley?



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you're a nerd

i would leave alsd gaytors are cheetors

i would leave alsd gaytors are cheetors

Speights needs to stay. He could be lottery pick if he stays for another years. If he leaves we will see him playing ball with Roberson, and Walsh. Who is telling him he is getting drafted in the first round? Bad advice. I'm glad he has not gotten an agent yet

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