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So, Chris Rainey just ran a 4.24, no kidding...

GAINESVILLE -- Sitting in the press box in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field before the spring game. Urban Meyer's publicity stunt -- students vs. football players in the 40-yard dash -- was pretty fun to watch. Louis Murphy almost lost to a 5-foot-5 bolt of lightning.

The highlight was Chris Rainey's 40-yard dash time of 4.24. That's right, 4.24 seconds. That's a different kind of fast, folks. If you're reading this and you're skeptical of the time, know that Rainey first ran a 4.27 and then turned around and turned in his 4.24.

If you think the times were cooked, maybe they were, but Louis Murphy ran a 4.53 just before Rainey's sprints. No wonder Major Wright never could catch Rainey in all those state championship games.

Interested to see what Rainey can do on the field in the Orange & Blue Game. He toasted Florida's defense all spring and is quickly climbing the depth chart at both running back and receiver.   


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Thought Rainey had a pretty good game. Glad to see Moody pick it up in the second half.

Coroso needs to physically retire!!! It's obvious he already has mentally ala Bobby Bowden. With on-air statements like "South Carolina is the team to beat in the SEC East" and that "the Gators better find some receivers", when Cooper stepped out after a minor injury and was replaced by a long snapper whom bobbled a reception that turned into an INT.

Don't think he checked the roster? Harvin, Murphy, Cooper, Thompson, Nelson, and Moore plus the arrival of recruits Lawrence, Hines, and Hammond. In addition to the snaps when Rainey (and eventually Demps) line up in the slot.

Can't expect too much from the man who claimed that Tebow could not pass the ball prior to the 07' season.

Tebow can't pass. He is a system qb that will not make it in the NFL!

Yes and Tebow padded his stats when it was necessary and will never win the Heisman as every fan of DuhU in South Florida "guaranteed".

Please June Jones, think of something original to say or at least tune into Sport Center for 2 minutes a year before you continue making such asinine statements.

How do you actually define a system QB???

I think Chip Kelly said it best - "If there is a system quarterback, then we're all dumb. As we should all be running that system."

Maybe you could point out the last QB in the HISTORY OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL that tossed it for 3,200+ yards at 9+ yards/attempt with 32 TDs that "couldn't pass".

If you are so absolutely sure that a "system QB" won't make in the NFL, there must be another prior QB with equivalent stats whom set the precedent.

why were the gaytors on espn for spring game that nshould be a recruiting violation, why arent other teams on espn, thats crap

gaytors suck

One day, far, far from now, when DuhU actually hires a head coach that is highly respected around the nation they may get their turn to air their spring game live on national television.

However, it will not happen until:

1) You can get another 50,000 fair weather fans to show up to watch the game in person.

2) You actually have your own stadium to play it in.

I think DuhU has had enough spring media coverage with Korch's "Season Recap" files containing 6 to 8 year olds. Don't U?

Ok your right a stadium full of rednecks makes you a better team. I guess 5 rings and playing in over eight championship games isn't enough to have the 3rd best football program in Floridas respect. What respect should anyone have for the Gators? 2 in 100 years is quite the ratio. Can't wait for the next one in 50 years. 5 is a bigger number than 2.

Those are the plain facts as to why DuhU will never have a spring game featured on live national television. You're the one who has to live with them, not me.

Obviously Randy and DuhCanes don't have the respect of ESPN either.

The "lack of respect" is only due to the fact that DuhU's glory years were accomplished as an independent or with a cake walk schedule in the Big Easy, and not in the nationally recognized toughest conference in the country.

Look what's happend to both FSWho and DuhU since they've had to play in a mildly competitive conference with an actual title game. Maybe you can clarify how many times either school has made it to the ACC Title Game so far?

"a stadium full of rednecks makes you a better team." You're half-right as we do play in front of full stadium of 90,000+ fans every home game. Not 35,000+ on a good day in someone else's stadium 20 miles from campus.

"5 is a bigger number than 2" They done taught you good at DuhU.

Some other numbers for the math whiz from DuhU to crunch.

5 is a smaller number than 7, and 48 is a whole bunch more than 0.

Isure remember a lot of crying at UF when Zook was there, so shut your pie hole. You finally have a descent year to win the title but came back and lose four with all the talent and depth supposely on your roster. Florida will never win the NC again. Tebow goes down your team will not win a game this season. Tebow stats was padded to win the Heisman. Back-up QB didn't get any snaps last year while playing against the sub division teams. You guys are falling apart this year. I see a +4 loss season again. Please enjoy it.By the way, notice I have only stated the facts.

"Tebow stats was padded"

Nice grammar, cane trash.

The defense rests.

I think I'm gonna cry that my spring game wasn't on TV. Who did the gators play in that important game? Oh themselves, sorry, I forgot. Congratulations on your televised spring game that means nothing. I will congratulate the Canes for having 5 rings and the gators 2. Yeah simple math you should try it because you dont seem to understand it. The simple fact is with the best QB the gators will ever have, they still went 8-4 and lost to Michigan at full strength, no excuses, after all you little babies whined about how the SEC is so hard and the BIg 10 is a joke. Then you got your ass whooped by a bunch of pansies who lost to Appalachian State. Such whiney babies you are. Michigan is better than UF and that's a fact. That should have been your reality check.

Oh you are so misinformed littl gatorbait. UM whipped Oklahoma, Norte Dame, the Gainesville hicks, Alabama, LSU, Michigan F$U, Auburn,Penn State, Nebraska and a slue of other top ten teams en-route to their 5 NCs.

If only your fantasy land was reality. I understand, you need to make things up to deal with the fact that uf will never accomplish what UN has in your pathetic lifetime.

"You finally have a descent year to win the title but came back and lose four with all the talent and depth supposely on your roster" - Gaitorbait Owner

Another fan of DuhU who doesn't even know what channel Sports Center is on. The "fact" was that we lost 9 starters on defense!!! It was public knowledge even on the ATP Tour.

Name the last team that "supposely" had 2 starters return on D and still went 9-4. I also noticed "Tebow stats was padded".....hmmmmm I guess he should have held back a little bit. Maybe he should have stopped after 25 passing TDs and 20 rushing TDs to make the bookies in Vegas sweat out the race a little bit?

"The simple fact is with the best QB the gators will ever have, they still went 8-4" - TooManyChampionships

Wow, we're 2 for 2 today on fair weather fans who don't know what channel Sports Center is on.

I love the typical DuhU response that the Gators had a Heisman QB and still couldn't reach the BCS Championship.

Even Bobby Bowden knows not one of the Gators 4 losses was to blame on the offense ya f'n imecile.

A field goal and 3 point loss as time expired to Auburn because our D couldn't stop the Tigers final drive from their 39 YDL to our 26 YDL, a 4 point loss to the National Champions because our D allowed them to go 5 of 5 on 4th downs, a 12 point loss to Georgia because our D couldn't slow down Knowshon Moreno's efforts (188yds / 3 TDs), and a 6 point loss to the Wolverines because our secondary allowed Henne to toss it for 373 yards.

So I can see your valid point in stating that all 4 losses should be attributed to Tebow???

Sounds like you don't know which side of the ball Tebow plays on? You're probably just accustomed to blaming a loss on the QB after Kyle/Kirby's combined effort of 15 TDs / 20 INTs at Quarterbackless U.

"got your ass whooped by a bunch of pansies" .....what an eloquent description of a 6 point loss to the second best team in the Big 10.

What exactly would you call a 48-0 home loss to the Cavalier overachievers?

For the Mountaineer fans on here, maybe you can also point out the number of consecutive National Champions Appalachian State has had in their FCS division.

"uf will never accomplish what UN has" - UM Graduate

You may be right, UF will not accomplish the United Nation's goal of world peace. Tebow is putting forth a good effort though, working on missionaries and performing surgeries in the Philippines during his down time on summer breaks.

Um not United Nations, and uf will not accomplish what UM has in your lifetime.

About the attendance you brag about, it means absolutely nothing. Every large state school does the same thing, but you jealous gators actually think it is an accomplishment.

You are not 1%, of 1% of what you think you are. You are the most hated fans in the nation because of the disrespect you show to other schools. You people really are legends in your own minds. Soon, the world will know just what kind of a flash in the pan Meyer really is.

Sorry UM Graduate, we really only completely disrespect Cane fans, because you're the only fans who act like your s-h-i-t don't stink and are the only fans who CONSTANTLY live in the past. You don't see OSU fans on here talking about all their championships they won in the PAST, you don't see any Alabama fans talking about all their championships they won in the PAST, do you??? NO, they talk about their CURRENT accomplishments, of which the Canes have NONE! So keep crying about the Gators disrespect of other schools and coming on Gator forums and doing exactly what you're criticizing all Gator fans for doing. HYPOCRITE!


You just described to the letter what gator fans are like. Of course UM fans will respond to the constant barrage of insults from gator fans. Because uf accepts anyone with a pulse, there is an overabundance of arrogant gator fans ready to berate anything related to UM.

Being hateful, venom filled assholes is embedded i the gator DNA. You see little gator, you people hate because you cannot accept the fact that the small private school has ever accomplished anything, while we only hate your hate. Have you ever seen this: scUM ? Who is the real arrogant losers ? You are!

"About the attendance you brag about, it means absolutely nothing."?

So our past attendance records had nothing to do with the Gators being the first school in history to have their entire spring game televised live on ESPN. How do you think we got selected? It was not the same process DuhU used to hire a new head coach, when fourth choice Shannon ended up with the shortest straw.

The attendance led to the ESPN spring game which will assist in leading to a 4th consecutive Top 3 recruiting class, aka as "nothing" in the mind of a UM Graduate.

"Every large state school does the same" thing....... so that explains the turnout for FSU's spring game?

What other conference in the nation has 3 spring games of 50,000+

"accepts anyone with a pulse".... sounds like you are describing Forston, one of DuhU's early enrollees who openly admitted on ESPN that he did not know what four courses he was currently taking.

"You just described to the letter what gator fans are like"...... this is DuhU's version of "I know you are but what am I".

Often used when they can not possibly think of an orginal comeback to a comment that is absolutely true or that does not revolve around a football game played nearly 30 years ago.

Like I said UM Grad, you're a hypocrite! Have you ever been on a Cane forum and seen how many comments are directed at Gator fans, or do you only troll Gator forums???? While trolling, you should see that 9 times out of 10, the first comment posted after a gator article is from a cane fan. On this one, it was the 2nd comment posted. You're a typical cane fan who acts like you don't do the exact same thing as gator fans, it's hilarious! What makes what you're doing right now, any different than what gator fans do?? Oh, that's right, you're a cane fan, so it doesn't matter what you do, you're just an innocent victim of us big bad gator fans. LMAO!

Miami = 5 National Championships, South Beach, Clubs, Beautiful Women, Nice Cars, Lots of Cash, La Carreta.

Gainesville = Porta-Potties, Women with missing teeth, guys who say "Hey ya'll", crappy bars called "The swamp or bawls".

Miami is better in every aspect than Gayville.

Another clueless graduate and fair weather fan cheering for DuhU.

"Miami is better in every aspect"???

Guess that explains why "ya'll" play in front of half-filled stadiums with minimal TV coverage? Not to mention, the grand total of 200 in attendance at your first NCAA Tournament game in over six years.

I'm sure your players are looking forward to the 30 minute commute to home games as a result of Paul Dee haphazardly spending the athletic funds to the point that there was no choice left but to demolish the Orange Bowl.

So where did all that money go that was earmarked for the refurbishment of the Orange Bowl?

I'm sure Dee wasted a "lot of cash" on the finer things available at DuhU like the "clubs" and "nice cars", just before he saw the writing on the wall and split town. After a 6-6 regular season, followed by a fourth choice coach going 5-7, it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

I have always thought uf was a good school, but either those gators who are posting here have never walked the uf campus, or uf is very overrated.

Which is it gators? First, you are always quick to say we have no fans, then you claim we deluge your boards and start trouble. The fact is, you people talk about UM in the most base terms, all you do is defecate on us at every turn, then when we respond, you call us arrogant and hypocrites. Who has the most fans ? Answer, you do. Who is always calling UM names ? You are.

Yes, attendance means absolutely nothing, because every large state school has attendance.I understand it is the only thing you can brag about when fencing with UM fans, but what counts is what transpires on the field, not recently, but in the past, Um has done more on the football field, in fact it is not even close. If attendance was based on performance on the field, then UM would have 200K at games, while uf would only have about 35k. Yes, I know the last few years have been manure at UM in football. Don't count on UM not getting back. Multiple generations of the dime a dozen gator fans have been saying the same tired insulting things about UM, and they have been wrong every time.

Finally, you people have zero class, you are incapable of respecting anything because deep down you have no respect for yourselves. As far as I'm concerned, you gator fans can go muck yourselves, because you barely qualify as human!

Pay attention gators!

Recently, a UM coed fell to her death from a dormitory on the UM campus.

Are you listening ? Guess what group of fans showed up on the blog and used this tragedy as an opportunity to cast aspersions at UM ?

That's right, no other than gator fans. It's time to stick you heads where the sun doesn't shine, do not pass go, game over, case closed, you people are the lower than whale shit!

Hey umgrad, take your blinders off. You remember when a UF football player died in a motorcycle accident last year???? You know how many Cane fans were on there bashing him his family and everything Gators??? I'm sure you don't, because Cane fans are completely innocent. QUIT trying to act like you guys are any better than Gator fans, because you AREN'T. Cane fans do EXACTLY the same things you're describing on here, and NO, it's not always in response to something a Gator fan says. That's complete B.S. All you're doing here is making yourself look like an idiot. You're a joke, and a hypocrite. Now move on LOSER!


Now I get it, according to your world all UM people are fomenters, while all gator fans exude class, and they are above the fray, correct ?

You are the one who is being the imbecile. I have never seen fans of any other school talk about any school or fans the way you people talk about UM. You use the most vile terms when referring to UM. I have seen human waste and urine thrown on opposing fans by gator fans. I have seen gator fans pull shot guns and on opposing fans, I have seen gator fans unleash pit bulls on opposing fans, and I have seen adult gator fans use profanity at the opposing fan's children.

If you want to be a gator, so be it, but don't pretend that you people are part of the human race. You are the true scum fans of the football world.
No go muck yourselves!

UM Grad, are you that ignorant?? Please, tell me where, in ANY of my posts, I said Gator fans "exude class." Just like EVERY other Cane fan, you LOVE putting words in our mouths. Every one of my posts is saying you and every other Cane fan always talk about how we're the "least classy" "worst" fans in college football, yet you guys do exactly the same things we do, so what makes you any better? Is that more clear for you?? I don't think gator fans are classy at all, but you guys aren't ANY better. The best part about your post, is when you talk about things you've seen Gator fans do. Pulling a shotgun???? Come on guy, GIVE ME A BREAK! Unleashing pit bulls??? Where do you come up with this stuff??

"I have seen gator fans pull shot guns on opposing fans".....

Was this before or after the thug fan of DuhU in the dark alley shouted, give me all of your money or else?

The gators suck, just like their goofy looking beat writer.

But there is a rumor out there that he swallows...

The gators suck, just like their goofy looking beat writer.

But there is a rumor out there that he swallows...

Thank you lizard, for proving my point!

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