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Tebow helped convince James Wilson to stay

GAINESVILLE -- It's official (for now). Wishy-washy offensive lineman James Wilson is staying put in Gainesville and playing football for the Gators. Wilson, a redshirt freshman, asked for a release from his scholarship before spring practice but (as of Monday, this could change any minute) Wilson wants to be a Gator for at least another week.

Just a side thought: Is Wilson attention starved, or what? I mean, this guy didn't even practice with the team last season, has two jacked up knees and looks to be overweight but he thinks he's good enough to make a big deal about him wanting to leave.

ANYWAY, Wilson is happy again. I spoke with Tebow for about 10 minutes on Monday before leaving for New York (typing this blog in Madison Square Garden) and His Heisman told me he meet several times with Wilson in the past month to convince the wavering offensive lineman to stick around. Wilson played with Tebow at Ponte Vedra Beach Nease High and Wilson committed to Gators over the Southern Cal, in part, because he wanted to play with Tebow.

Florida coach Urban Meyer is convinced that Wilson is worth the effort to keep happy and keep around. Meyer has pointed to starting tackle Jason Watkins as an offensive lineman who has gone from wanting to transfer to the first-team offense. Wilson was one of the top recruits in the nation in 2007. Guess that's the difference in him and the other former Gators that transferred after last season ... Bo Williams, Jarred Fayson, Chevy Walker, etc.



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The Gayturds are the most overated, self absorbing team/school/fans in the nation.

I hope they lose every game from here on out...

If you don't care...

...why are you reading this? Use your valuable time to learn how to play piano or something.

I agree, who gives a crap about UF. Someone please drop a Piano on a gator.

My boy plays FB there but does his mind? You don't want players like that on the team, they will bring everyone else down. Remember, it's one for all not all for one! Let him leave.

Awwwww, what's the matter Canes fans - got no thread of your own so you hijack a Gator thread? Poor baby Canes - how many championships have you won lately? Okay, that was too easy. How many bowl games have you made lately???

Watch and learn how a real program re-tools and kicks butt this year. You only wish you had a beast like Tebow!

I go to UF and I hate our sports programs. I am here for academics and not sports. I agree, our fans are so annoying!

Get ready for a beating, gators. Your day in the sun is over, and you were a flash in the pan.

now the CANES are back to claim what is there's by divine right!

To UF, you can hate our athletics program that is fine, but why are you reading a sports blog if you hate sport?


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