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Cops' message to Noah: Stay out of Gainesville

GAINESVILLE -- Joakim Noah's recent visit to Gainesville couldn't have gone much worse. So much for returning to campus and expecting to be treated like a king.

Ap_joakim_noah_070629_ms_2First, Noah (now with the Chicago Bulls) gets busted by the Gainesville Police Department for open container and misdemeanor possession (one little 'J'). Next, Noah gets harassed by the University of Florida police. The campus cops tagged Noah with two traffic citations: driving with a suspended license and not wearing a seat belt....ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

This is Joakim Noah we're talking about here, folks. Give the guy a break. First the cops search him for no good reason (It's JOAKIM NOAH) and then he gets pulled over for not wearing his seat belt (It's JOAKIM NOAH). Cops, man. Alls I got to say. Freaking cops. For some reason I don't think Jeremy Foley or Urban Meyer gets pulled over in Gainesville for not wearing a seat belt.

Simpsons20copIt's time to wake up, Gainesville cops [pictured]. Noah is the face of Florida athletics. Nationally (and internationally), JOAKIM NOAH is bigger -- WAY BIGGER -- than Tim Tebow. You're supposed to treat this guy like a king. Instead, the cops are sweating Noah like he's Public Enemy No.1. It's not like Noah is inconspicuous. It's not like cops don't pull over Joakim Noah and not already know that they're pulling over JOAKIM NOAH.

I mean, what are we to believe. That maybe Noah got away with murder while he was a star at Florida and now that he's a professional the Gainesville cops are thinking pay back. The message is clear. In the eternal words of JOAKIM NOAH himself: It's time to "get your light feet going."



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