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Hornsby's career likely done at Florida

LINK TO THE STORY: UF football player charged in credit card fraud

GAINESVILLE -- Nice knowing you, Jamar Hornsby. Well, not really.

Hornsby was accused on Friday of using the BP gas card of Ashley Slonina, a UF student who died in a motorcycle accident in October 2007 along with Florida walk-on quarterback Michael Guilford. If true, that's pretty much one of the most disgusting things I've ever written. My fingertips feel dirty just typing it.

Imagine the Slonina family. Imagine receiving that credit card statement every month for the last six months. Tragic.

What's most bizarre about all this is that Slonina was the girlfriend of Florida cornerback Joe Haden. How did Hornsby get Slonina's credit card? According to Slonina's father, Hornsby took the card from Ashley Slonina's apartment while helping the family remove her personal belongings one day after the accident.

Hornsby emerged from spring football as a back-up safety to Major Wright. Florida coach Urban Meyer praised Hornsby this spring for showing signs of his potential. So much for that. There's no way Meyer can save Hornsby now.

Florida has lost two safeties in as many weeks. Back-up Jerimy Finch was recently granted permission to transfer.



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We're so deep at safety/DB position that this is no big loss. Get rid of this sick bum.

Love the Gators, but this kind of stuff can't be tolerated.

He needs to be off the team ASAP!!!

You're right Goodman! Sick Stuff!

Typical Gator thug!!! PIECE OF SH!T

Anyone wonder why Canes are considered the most fair weather fans in the nation?

Spoken like a true fan of Duhhhh U:

The lower west end zone, which used to be for general admission and students, was now strictly a student section. If they wanted to stay on the west side, they would have to go into the upper deck.

"That's crazy!" Cruz said. "What's going to happen during one of those little games no one wants to go to?

gatorbait is dripping with CANE -envy!

Deal with it gatorbait. A bad day in Miami is better than a great day in Hicksville. I can sense how nervous you are about the CANES through the keyboard.

Not even the lowly Buccaneers are scared or nervous about a has-been South Florida team that has not had a winning regular season since 2005.

Both teams only won 5 games in 2007, something has to give.

Here we go...more sloppy Cubans claiming to be canes fans yet do not even show up for games. Enjoy another abysmal year, kids.

Here we go... turds wishing they had more titles.....enjoy some more arrests....oh ya Patchan just got shot.....Damn thugs....

you mean the patchan that randy shanimal recruited like crazy? that kid? oh yeah...sean taylor just got shot...damn thugs

Sean taylor is a man who protected his family punk!.. 5 rings >>>>2 rings.. anyday and twice on sunday's ...

uf lol

LOL...canes "fans" crack me up...can dish but can't take

Sean Taylor - Good Riddance!

Dear Cubans - please shower before driving up to Titlesville.


Dear "Gator":

Some advice for a better life...

Please refrain from insulting the memory of someone deceased. Not cool. Also, it's pretty disgusting to insult someone's nationality, ancestory or heritage. If you're a Florida fan -- and I suspect you're probably not -- please represent your school with pride and dignity when posting on this blog.


not showering...now THAT is disgusting, jo.

say hi to Tootie and Mrs. Garrett for me, would ya?

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