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Gators' rookie-camp roundup: Leak asking God for help


In Kansas City, former Florida Gators quarterback Chris Leak is asking God to help him make the Chiefs' 70-man summer roster. Leak, who went undrafted in 2007, was cut by the Bears last year before getting involved with the AAFL, the has-beens league that never happened. Said Leak: "I'll leave it in the Lord's hands." It's probably time Leak accepted his fate and became a quarterbacks coach for Illinois.

EggheadIn Tampa, safety Kyle Jackson (pictured) is trying to make the Bucs' 80-man team. Jackson was benched his senior season at Florida in favor of a true freshman. No word yet if the Bucs are fitting Jackson with a special helmet. In Nashville, Florida's other former (car-boosting) safety, Tony Joiner, is serving as a tackling dummy for football players who actually have a shot at making an NFL roster.

One of Gator Clause's favorite former Gators, offensive lineman Carlton "Package Store" Medder is trying out for the Arizona Cardinals. Medder used to make me laugh out loud when he would show up for Monday press conferences wearing -- no lie -- a discount card for a Gainesville liquor store around his neck. Medder should fit right in with Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinhart. Or maybe not. That would be one crowded hot tub.

Former Florida offensive lineman Drew Miller is in Jacksonville with defensive end Derrick Harvey. Miller actually has a pretty good shot of making the Jags' practice squad, where he would presumably go up against Harvey every day in practice.

In Cincinnati, former UF receiver Andre Caldwell is being praised daily for not being Chad Johnson or Chris Henry.



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hey Goodman...you are a tool. those former gators are doing more with their lives than you ever will. now go get your shine box!!

Um, I don't consider getting cut from rookie camps much of anything. I could always go steal a car. Or maybe perform minor surgery on Pacific Islanders.


Do we really care what a bunch of pansies say? UM has waived Bye Bye to football long ago. Have fun at Joe Robby with all the other overweight cubans who never smelt the campus of your trashy, has been sports program pal.

Ever here the phrase "don't hate us cuz you ain't us" kid? UF is now The Firm - please refer to it as such in your future "columns."

Love the knock on Tim Tebow...and Tony Joiner. Both kids won National Titles (oh yeah, and a little thing called the Heisman) in case you haven't heard. You gonna knock Taurean Green and Lee Humphrey now too? How about Danny Wuerffel or some other great players/kids?

Now like I said, go get your shine box...

Sir, you are simply not bright.

sorry - "hear"

A shot at Tebow? Never. He's the greatest. Just stating in no uncertain terms that what these people do off the field is more important than anything they do on it -- good or bad. But I'm sure you realized all that because you're so smart.


isn't jo the name of that lesbo on facts of life? that broad has probably played more sports in her lifetime than this clown. later, hick.

Until next time, friendo.


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