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400-pound Gator eats bloodhound near Panama City

GAINESVILLE -- An ongoing theme here at Gator Clause: If a Gator makes the news, then we write about it.

If you live in Florida, then keep your dogs away from lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks, tributaries, puddles, sewers, canals, swamps: pretty much any body of water. Why? Because that's where the gators live. This latest gator attack is a sad one for Gator Clause to report because we love dogs. A bloodhound named Datsi was eaten by a 10-foot, 400-pound gator near Panama City on Thursday. Take a moment to remember Datsi. She was five years old.

If you live in South Florida and you like to take your dogs swimming, then the best bet is the Atlantic Ocean. There are some great dog beaches up and down the coast. My favorite was just north of Fort Lauderdale. Also, a few parks have "dog lakes." My favorite while I was living in South Florida was at Snyder Park. Protect your pets from gators. Gators love to eat dogs. Here's a few links for dog lovers living in South Florida. Miami-Dade link. Broward County link.



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