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All these former Gators with the Jags; Does it really matter?

GAINESVILLE -- Former Florida running back Ciatrick "C4" Fason is training with the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. That gives the Jags seven -- SEVEN!!! -- former Gators on their current roster. The others: Reggie Nelson, Derrick Harvey, Fred Taylor, Jeremy Mincey, Drew Miller and Mike Peterson.

Why all the Gators in Jacksonville? Guess the front office is trying to tap into the area's love for the Gators. What's more, Florida coach Urban Meyer has become fast friends with Jack Del Rio and even made a guest appearance at a recent mini-camp. But does any of it really matter if the Jags don't draft Tebow in one or two seasons? Nope.

Is Tebow worth a first-round pick either at the end of this season or the next? Does it really matter. If he's anywhere close to first-round talent, then expect the Jags to do whatever it takes to land the regional star in the first round. As far as leverage goes, the Jags won't have much to bargain with the day Tebow begins preparing for the NFL. Why? Because Tebow holding a clipboard on the sidelines will sell season tickets and that's something the Jags need. If the Jags pass on Tebow ... well, the Jags won't pass on Tebow.



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I think that the love of the Jags for florida players, would even be a little beneficial for the gators as a selling point to young recruits. The idea that you have a NFL team that favors gators over any other college team might attract some talent for the gators.

you are a clown...hick

Do you mean a clown, hick? Or a clown-hick? Technically, there is a difference! Like...are you a tool or just a douche?


nope...you are a clown AND a hick. and please learn the difference between "sense" and "since" would ya, writer boy?

Tebow, first round talent? As a quarterback? One word: NO. Not from what I have seen. Best chance in the NFL: tight end.


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