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BLASPHEMY: League officials voted Stafford over Tebow

GAINESVILLE -- Tim Tebow haters around the league have spoken. Media relations directors for football teams in the Southeastern Conference recently voted Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford a better passer than Florida QB Tim Tebow.

The voting was part of the Birmingham News' 62nd annual spring football preview and predictions. Perhaps someone should send these people a message informing them that Tebow is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Everyone on Planet Earth -- or at least everyone that lives within walking distance of a Waffle House -- should know by now that Tim Tebow is infallible and (while everyone is created by God) Tim Tebow was created by God in the Holy Department of Special Operations. That's where perfect people come from, like Pat Robertson and Ron Burgundy.



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Here we start with the hate again! How can you say that?

Here we start with the hate again! How can you say that?

Why is this hating? Stafford IS a better passer than Tebow. Your blind if you think otherwise. Yeah, yeah I know you are going to give me stats. Look up after the catch, how many of those passes were little dumps to Harvin. We threw the ball down the field at the beginning of the year. Why not at the end? Because Tebow throws ducks and SEC corners were adjusting. I hope this spring they worked on his passing. I'm going to go crazy and pull my hair out if I see that same predictable offense on the field again


Good post, MiamiGator. Nice website, too...if it actually existed.

Well stats is all we have right now. The 08 season has not started. If you think Stafford could be a better passer than Tebow next season, i have no clue and couldn't argue your point, but if you talk about the overall work of last season, i would have to say Tebow is a better passer and an overall better player than stafford (that's why he won the heisman).

Ah, yes. That little thing they like to call the Heisman. That reminds me. I'll never forget my conversation last December in Times Square with none other than Archie Griffin of Ohio State fame. Griffin, of course, is the only winner of two Heismans. The meat of that conversation tasted something like this:
Me: "So, do you think Tebow will be back here next season?"
Archie: "Yes."

UF Peru, we do have more than stats, we have our eyes. My eyes sees ducks, no use of running backs and a quarterback that cannot check off, which is why he runs so much, he loses his first option and does not look at anyone else. Don't get me wrong, I like watching Tebow bowl over linebackers, but it makes us predictable and gets our quarterback hurt, like it did last year.

Forget the Heisman, I want to be in a bowl game that matters!

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