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Highly rated Florida signee reportedly failed to qualify; Gators lose another safety

GAINESVILLE -- Florida football signee Dee Finley did not qualify academically for the University of Florida and will instead enroll at a New York prep school this fall, an Internet recruiting website is reporting. This could be a major blow for the Gators' depth at the safety position.

DeefinleyFinley [pictured], rated as one of the top defensive backs of the 2008 signing class, was scheduled to report to UF at the end of June. Instead, Finley will enroll at Milford (N.Y.) Academy, according to the website GatorBait.com. Finley, an Auburn (Ala.) High prep star, was considered an academic concern throughout the 2008 recruiting cycle. Several major programs, including Auburn, did not recruit Finley, fearing he would not qualify.

Florida's incoming freshmen are scheduled to report at the end of this month. Despite the apparent loss of Finley, the class is not devoid of a free safety. Will Hill, a New Jersey prep talent, is expected to play the position.

Florida has several talented safeties on the roster but is growing thin at the position. Jamar Hornsby was kicked off the team earlier this summer after being arrested for credit card fraud. A third possible safety, Jerimy Finch, also left the program.

South Florida natives Dorian Munroe and Major Wright will be the Gators' starting safeties when preseason practice begins. Hill, who played quarterback in high school, is expected to compete for a back-up role. Converted cornerback Ahmad Black will also be expected to earn a place high on the depth chart.

Don't be surprised if another young cornerback is forced to move to the safety position this fall. If that happens, my guess would be rising sophomore Moses Jenkins of Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson. He's tall (6-2), fast and extremely coachable.



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I'd personally be more concerned over not having 6+ players qualify vs. just one. But that's what happens when U recruit and land the most 2-Star Recuits in the nation.

"Thanks for the history lesson"..... with slight emphasis on HISTORY, because your joke of schedule as an Independent and your cake walk in the Big Easy isn't taken seriously by any college football fan and extra emphasis on LESSON, because I haven't come across one Canes fan yet has a clue about sports in general.

Typical Cane Response - can't justify their current fate, plops in another betamax tape, two word sentences, mumble, mumble, mumble..... 5 Ships.

Be careful what you wish for.... 9/6/08 Gators by 42+.

Again we will listen when U show U can compete, even in the slighest bit, in a mediocre conference with a moderate level of competition in the modern era.

Maybe some dismal level of achievement such as finishing the regular season with a winning record, which will not be the case in 2008.

More recent HISTORY.....Don't any one dare look at Duhhhhh U's record against common in-state opponents since the last Florida Cup was issued. It appears more favorable only in the years when all three teams from the state play each other.

If you want to put on the blinders to avoid the truth I am not surprised as that is anybody from Duhhhhh U's MO. How about opponent to opponent match-ups to compare what the mighty Gators have to face year in and year out.

2007 LSU @ VT (48-7) vs. Miami @ VT (14-44).

2007 UF @ LSU (24-28)

2006 Miami @ GT (23-30) vs. GT @ UGA (12-15)

2006 UGA @ UF (14-21)

2005 Miami @ LSU (3-40)

2005 UF @ LSU (17-21)

So did Crockett and Tubbs catch the bad guys this week, please do tell history boy.

That's f'n hilarious!!!. You are a tool TX Cane, as are 90% of the Canes fans, and especially those who try to act like they know what they are talking about.

In case I failed to mention it above:

"LESSON, because I haven't come across one Canes fan yet has a clue about sports in general."

You sure do know your sports TX Cane - wikipedia.org, copy, paste, post.

Comment deleted by the blog's author, Joe Goody. No hate speech, please! Let's have a little class.

Comment deleted by blog's author, Joe Goody. No hate speech please!

No need for another history lesson GAYTURD1, don't have time to read all that.

Did you say that it's been over 20 years since you beat the U? Thought so. Sorry, you were probably at band practice or a girl scout meeting.

Last 4 meeting, all since 2001.
2001 37-20 Da U "Bowl Game, Ouch..."
2002 41-16 Da U "Just another Game of WoAs"
2003 38-33 Da U "Historic Comeback"
2004 27-10 Da U "Bowl Game, Ouch..."

If you beat the U by 42 then you will have something worth writing about, but until then keep it quite because your starting to bore me with your football IQ of 42.

Sorry WIKIPEDIA boy - I refuse to further acknowledge any one, inparticular a Canes fan from TX, who copies, pastes & posts their comebacks and self-proclaimed football IQ knowledge directly from WIKIPEDIA.

Yes, that WIKIPEDIA!

FYI - Duhhhh U's 2007 record was "quite" embarassing, especially after a 48-0 blow out at the hands of ACC doormat UVA. In fact, by the end of the first quarter, the crowd of 30,000+ disillusioned fans became very "quiet". In hindsight, it was almost like Duhhhh Canes gave up and "quit" by halftime.

With WIKIPEDIA as your source, you've already proven my point you imbecile.

Trust us, no need to prove it again, again and again.

It's funny how all you have is last years record and our record against other teams? Again, what is our record against your beloved GAYTURDS?

I can still see all the sad faces during that 2003 Historic comeback, I actually felt sorry for some GAYTURD fans, not!

FYI - WIKIPEDIA is a great source of information, maybe U should learn how to reference it, Girl!

Please, folks. You can say anything you want on this blog but please respect others. No hate speech.

ESPN called, they want their football stats back.

How can someone not qualify for da red neck school ?


Too funny. That one had to make me laugh this morning. Nice.


Take it from a guy who grew up in Alabama. The answer to your question is simple. Lack of teeth. Seriously, though. It's anything but easy to get into UF these days. I'm working on a story right now about the ridiculously tough admittance standards. I know of one student from the Jacksonville area that couldn't get in with a 3.9 GPA. Pretty sad. It has nothing to do with how prestigious the school is, either. It's a product of three things. There's a lot of smart kids in the state of Florida. The state government pays tuition. The same government just cut budgets, forcing state universities to accept less students. You can view UF's situation two ways. One, it's a bad thing because bright kids can't get into the school they want to. Or, it's a good thing because the overflow of bright kids are going to schools like UCF, FSU, USF and FIU. Meanwhile, Florida's athletic department is operating this year with a record-sized budget and is adding another sport, women's lacrosse. Go figure.


Great info, Joe.

Go Gators!!

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