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Jeffrey Demps' Olympic dreams end in semis; Should he stick to track?

GAINESVILLE -- Congrats to UF incoming freshman Jeffrey Demps, who advanced to the semifinals of the 100-meter dash in the U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trails.Only a high school graduate and already Demps (a running back and state champion sprinter from South Lake High) is one of our country's fastest men. The U.S. Track and Field Olympic Trials in widely considered the world's toughest competition for sprinters.

Looks like Chris Rainey and Percy Harvin might have some competition as the fastest man on the fastest college football team in America. That is, if Jeffrey Demps still wants to play college football. Should he? With such a clearly defined future in track, should Demps risk all that to play football? The smart money is with track.

In other action from Eugene, Ore., former Florida track star Kerron Clement qualified for the Olympics in 400-meter hurdles. Clement placed second in the 400 finals with a time of 48.36. Welcome to the U.S. Olympic team, Mr. Clement.



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Demps will stick with what he knows.

"I just grew up loving the game (football)," he said. "Track is something I can also do."

There's fast, then there's Florida fast.

Demps is a typical gator punk. Meyer and the gators are in a free fall that will stop when they have hit rock bottom behind Betune Cookman.

Joe, what would be your best guess at what he could expect to make if he signed a deal with Nike and did leave for Track and Field? What did Xavier Carter get?

I would assume he could make more if he was simply a third round pick in the NFL draft by the time he leaves after his Junior season in 2010. I could be wrong.

Hey vincane, you mean the same place where the Canes are right now??? Sorry, but that won't be happening anytime soon. Your posts are as sorry as your team. Keep hating though!

you a punk. you have all the hate. the freshman class has you scared punk.

First, you "put your money" on track. Why not consider what he loves doing? What difference does the money/fame make if you're not doing what you love? In the end, we all will have wished we did what we loved.
Second, why the "ignorant" hurriblows comments about "being afraid of freshman class" and the great Florida Gators will be below BC? I don't get it. What are these type of backward-ignorant-rednecked people doing with their life that such would even come onto a site like this to spew venom and hate. GET A LIFE!!!

Nothing about the Canes has me scared. I'm still trying to stop laughing at that comment. One good recruiting class does nothing. Why don't you let them perform before you start raving about them. You have a long way to go to catch up to 3 straight top 3 recruiting classes and counting, and a LONG way to go to get anyones respect. Lets not forget who was watching all the bowl games last season. I'm the punk?? That's hilarious! You're the first person/cane to post a comment after EVERY Gator article??? What does that make you?? Oh, that's right, you're the reason everyone calls you guys scUM.

"One good recruiting class does nothing" - agreed

Don't forget Shannon also landed the most 2-Star recruits in the nation with his so-called #1 Class.

In addition, Miami is going to end up with 5 - 6 recruits whom fail to qualify. So what would their class have actually been ranked if you take this into consideration 8, 9, 10+ ?

If a "free fall" is defined as a 9-4 season with the Heisman winner, a year out from winning the BCS Title........what would you call a two season record of 12-13 that includes a one point win over Nevada in the MPC Computer Bowl?

A record so horrendous, it would drive most D-I universities to demolish their football stadium.

Ha, ha. you thought the punk meyer would take players from south florida.

only about 3 players did not qualify. you a punk, and your silly punk coach will soon be taught a lesson.

Dream on gators. Yes, you should win this time, but it will not be the cake-walk you expect.

As for your opinions about the UM program, many generations of gators have thought the same things over the years, only to have UM emerge again as a power.

Your fans are the most classless, hate filled fans in the nation. You show up on every blog with your daily cup of venom for UM. The only thing you have on UM is your attendance, nothing else.

Go Gators!


Why can you not write a proper sentence? I sure you never went to UM or any other school.

Vincane, we're classless, because we show up on blogs trashing UM?? What is it exactly that you're doing right now, and have been doing on every other Gator article on here??? Why don't you practice what you preach you hypocrite!

"only to have UM emerge again as a power" - my cousin vinnycane

The University of Miami has never played in a conference half as competiive as the SEC. Please explain what has happened to your team since their Independent/Big East days? We can only presume that the latest four year Hurricane downfall is to blame on coincidence, not the fact that they now play in a slightly more competitive conference.

"Yes, you should win this time" ???

The UM game is nearly an afterthought. A 12-13 record over the past two years, 110th best offense in the nation in 2007, need I say more? Believe me, every member of the Gator Nation is more focussed on beating Pre-Season #1 Georgia.

The Hurricanes will be extremely fortunate if they happen to make a bowl game in 2008. You are only kidding yourself if you believe otherwise.

I will have to assume you are a very young gator, because like I said, many generations of gators have shot their mouths off like you only to have UM emerge as a power.

The facts are, UM still has gravitas with recruits, and in tow years they have signed more talent then Coker signed during his entire tenure as head coach at UM.

As for your childish prediction about UM's 2008 season, you couldn't be more wrong. UM will get better as the year progresses.

Finally, uf is not as good as you think they are. Their defense is suspect, and despite Tebow, they could have lost as many as 5, or 6 games last year. You cannot count on a UM QB who cannot execute the simple passes this year. This game will not be the cake walk you people are expecting.

The venom you have for UM just shows how relevant UM is in your feeble gator mind. UM signed the best class in the nation and this drives you absolutely crazy. Yes, UM is one year away from domination, you know it, and you can't deal with it.

Little uf has played Notre Dame once and lost, while UM beat them into submission causing them to imitate the gators and say no more! On second thought, you will lose to UM because there is a God and you insolent bastards deserve to lose!

vincane, the venom we have for the Canes is from ignorant Cane fans like you. You guys think you have the greatest football program of all time. Yes, you had a "good" program for a while, WAY BACK when, but it is no more. And the biggest reason why we spew so much venom, is because you guys think you're above everyone else, because your team won 5 championships, 20 years ago, and you guys constantly call Gator fans the worst fans in college football, when we do things that Cane fans do just as much, if not more. So good luck in Sept, because right now, you're living in a dream world thinking the Canes are going to win. Coulda, shoulda, woulda! Anyone could've lost more games last year, but guess what? UF was one of the youngest if not youngest teams in America, and STILL won 9 games, so if you don't think UF is going to be that good this year, you're one of the select few, and come Sept, reality will strike you right up side of the head, and I can't wait!

Kid, all the arrogance is emanating from you, not me. I have not said uf will not have a good team, this is a complete fabrication in your mind, because I will not lay down, and tell you our program is complete trash the way you want me to. First you people berate anything, and everything about UM, then you call us ignorant, accuse us of arrogance, accuse us of thinking we are superior for responding to your constant vexations. What kind of response do you expect after you defecate all over UM ?

Who is living in a dream world, kid ? You for expecting a blow out ? Or me for expecting anything from a competitive game, with a gator win, or a game where uf is never in danger of losing, or even the blow out you people want ?

" Way back when " ? We had a good program ? UM won their last NC in 2001. and should have won in 2002 when you were in junior high school. I presume you just graduated from uf due to your very short memory. UM has had an excellent program for the better part of 30 years. The fact that you feel the last few years is a permanent state of the UM program is evidence that you are completely out of touch with reality, and dare I say ignorant ?

Notice I have defended UM, and refuted your opinion of the UM program without once saying anything negative about uf. Now look at your post, and notice it is replete with hatred, insults, and complete contrived fantasy about the UM program. UM's success, or failure is not dependent on what uf does . If you were truly secure about uf's program, and you should be, you would not attack UM the way you do.

You will be a kid until you show a semblance of respect for UM, the way I have for uf. Grow up kid. UM still has gravitas with recruits, and no matter how strong uf is, Um will only improve whether you like it or not.

Sorry buddy, I'm 30 years old, so this kid stuff is hilarious! 2001, yes, almost 10 years ago, before that, when's the last time they won one??? Just some of your classy comments "Finally, uf is not as good as you think they are." "Demps is a typical gator punk." "and your silly punk coach will soon be taught a lesson." "you will lose to UM." These are just a few quotes pulled from your posts, and you can sit there and honestly think you have not once said anything negative about the UF program??? Come on "KID" "PUNK" whatever childish name you want to use. How about HYPOCRITE??? That about fits you to a Tee! I guess according to you, UF fans aren't allowed to respond with "venom" to all the negative comments thrown at us from Cane fans, huh??? That just means we're classless, and it's ok for you to do it, because you're a Cane fan, huh?? LOL! PLEASE, show me where a negative comment was posted about UM before you posted your classy comment about Demps being a punk and the Gators falling below BCC. I'll say it again, HYPOCRITE! And I'll say it one more time so you can get it through you thick, ignorant head. THIS IS A GATOR ARTICLE! YOU'RE on here trashing the Gators! If you look at EVERY Goodman gator article on here, there YOU are trashing the Gators. WAKE UP! IDIOT! I guess I'll always be childish then, because I'll NEVER respect UM and their ignorant fans like you. By the way, if "UM's success or failure is not dependent on what UF does," then WHY are you trashing the Gators after EVERY article??? Move on buddy, you just look stupid when you continue to post ignorant, hypocritical comments.

"UM has had an excellent program for the better part of 30 years."

We are still waiting on an answer as to what has happened to the University of Miami since they joined a somewhat more competitive conference in the ACC?

Please leave your "cake-walk" descriptions for when you describe the Canes reign over the Big East.

Until Miami prove's otherwise - the fact that the Hurricanes have managed a 16-16 record in ACC conference games over the past four years is evidence enough of the "permanent state of the UM program".

Guys, guys, guys. Let's be civil here. In the end, Florida and Miami fans are both football fans. I love, LOVE, LOVE! football just as much as the next guy and that's why I hate reading people being so ugly when discussing our beautiful game.


Wow! All of this over a Jeff Demps article?

Jo are you really "Vincane"? Are trying to get more hits on your articles? LOL I kid. I kid.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July.

Go Gators!!!

O.K., you didn't attend uf, because you have zero analytical skills.

Joining the ACC coincided with a lousy coach, Larry Coker, and a reduction in talent. There has never been a gator team capable of beating the 2001 cane team.

Basically, you don't know what the hell you are talking about. As I've said, many generations of gator fans have used the same contrived convoluted thinking you have only to have reality blow up in their faces. All bets are off if Shannon can't coach, but in one year, he brought in more talent then Coker did during his entire tenure. Enjoy this while you can, you will be stewing in your own hate and body fluids when you see what the canes do in the next three years.

You are typical hate filled, jealous, pompous gator sphincter due to your ridiculous comment about UM being permanent trash as a program. ( paraphrasing).

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