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Top Five Newcomers: Will Hill

Hillpose GAINESVILLE -- Free safety Will Hill is No.4 on our list of top five newcomers who could receive significant playing time this fall.

A New Jersey prep sensation, Hill starred as a quarterback in high school but is making the permanent switch to defense when he arrives in Gainesville in a few weeks for Summer B. Hill's opportunity to contribute immediately improved dramatically when Florida coach Urban Meyer was forced to kick Jamar Hornsby off the team.

With the loss of Hornsby, Florida's coaching staff is already penciling in Hill as a back-up to Major Wright at free safety. Ahmad Black is another name that has emerged as a possible back-up at the position.

Hill will be an immediate starter on several of Meyer's special Hillrunningteams units. Most likely kickoff and punt coverage. A little trivia: Hill will be the second UF defensive back who starred as a quarterback in high school. Starting cornerback Joe Haden also played quarterback.

If you're looking for comparisons, Hill has the potential to be as dominating as Tennessee's Eric Berry at the free safety position. A game-changing free safety was vital to the Gators' 2006 national championship (Reggie Nelson) and Florida's coaching staff is hoping Hill turns into that type of player.



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We definitely need some help in our defense and more specifically in our defensive backs and defensive line. Pretty much the whole defense has to make big effort and become a reliable defense that can actually help us win games. If we have a decent defense next year i think we can definitely win the SEC championship and contend for the National Championship.

Good call, UF Peru. It all starts with defense in the SEC.


For those in the ACC that claim Vandy and Mississippi are pretty poor teams:

A Kentucky judge has confirmed what Duke fans have known for years: their football team is as bad as it gets.

Bad enough that Louisville should have to find another football team to replace the Blue Devils without penalty after Duke pulled out of the final three games of a four-game contract last season.

In a lawsuit filed late last year, Louisville asked for $450,000 in damages and any additional damages the court saw fit.

But Duke's lawyers argued that the Blue Devils' performance on the field was so poor that any Division I team would suffice as a replacement. Duke is 6-45 over the past five years, 13-90 since 1999.

Judge Phillip J. Shepherd of the Franklin County (Ky.) Circuit Court agreed, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

"At oral argument, Duke [with a candor perhaps more attributable to good legal strategy than to institutional modesty] persuasively asserted that this is a threshold that could not be any lower," Shepherd wrote in a summary judgment issued Thursday, according to the paper. "Duke's argument on this point cannot be reasonably disputed by Louisville."


Great stuff. Thanks for the contribution. Keep up the good work.


I will listen when U have 5!

Quarterback PU - tell tale stat and sign of the times: 15 TDs and 20 INTs.

U will only be competitive again once U figure out to have a winning regular season.

Until then, why don't U plop that betamax tape back in to relive U're only credible highlights while as an Independent. Tell us what Crockett and Tubbs are up to in this week's episode while you're at it.

Ancient History - 1990 (Independent) = does it really count when your team shows up in camo gear?

1991 - 2003 (Big Easy) = No competition, no conference title game, the price of postage is going up again so shall we mail U this year's conference trophy in advance?

2004 - 2007 (ACC) = mild competition at best, 16-16 conference game record for U (with 3 of those W's coming over the aforementioned 13-90 Blue Devils), U can't buy an invite to the conference title game.

What about bowl games while in the ACC U ask?

Yes, we know that time frame includes 3 bowl games apperances in 4 years with a 17 point win over a Charlie Stong coached Gator squad in which U were led by our sloppy second's QB. If U must remind us of that, U must also mention your 40-3 loss in which U lost to an SEC team the Gators face on a yearly basis, as well as the astounding 1 point win U had over the Wolf Pack of Nevada in the MPC Computers Bowl.

When you've come to the realization that the game isn't as easy once you play in an actual conference (even one with a measily 1-9 BCS Bowl Game record since 1998)....... it is indeed all about Duuuuuhhhhhhhhhh U!!!

GATOR1 - Thanks for the history lesson, I noticed you didn't add the last time the Gayturds beat the U? Again, I will listen when U have 5!

GATOR1 - Just and FYI,

1) Miami has the most players on a NFL rosters,46 players.

2) Miami has won the last six meetings between the schools (Gayturds) dating back to 1986, including victories in the 2001 Sugar Bowl and the 2004 Peach Bowl.

3) Since 2002, the Florida Cup has been awarded to the team that finishes with the best head-to-head record in years where Miami, Florida, and Florida State all face each other. Three Florida Cups have been awarded, and Miami has won all three.

4) The Hurricanes have won 5 national championships (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001) and two of its players have won the prestigious Heisman Trophy. In addition, the program holds the record for the longest home winning streak in NCAA history with 58 straight victories.

Wow, what a University!

Typical Cane Response - can't justify their current fate, plops in another betamax tape.

Be careful what you wish for.... 9/6/08 Gators by 42+.

Again we will listen when U show U can compete, even in the slighest bit, in a mediocre conference in the modern era.

Maybe some dismal level of achievement such as finishing the regular season with a winning record, which won't be the case in 2008.

That's f'n hilarious!!!. You are a tool TX Cane, as are 90% of the Canes fans, and especially those who try to act like they know what they are talking about.

In case I fail to mention it on the next blog topic:

"LESSON, because I haven't come across one Canes fan yet has a clue about sports in general."

You sure do know your sports TX Cane - wikipedia.org, copy, paste, post.

You write like you enjoy it, must of never played a sport in your life.


"until then keep it quite"......

You spell like you don't know how to, must never have obtained your GED.

WIKIPEDIA to the rescue - copy, paste, post.


Actually, I received my GED at 14, achieved my BA at 17, my MBA at 19, started my own business at 20, sold my business at 26, now all I have to do is sit on my deck and view the lake in front of me. Maybe one day you might venture out of the factory and try to succeed with your Gator education, good luck.

Enjoy your working day, Girl!

Spelling is like a 40 time or Kenny Phillips...overrated.

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