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Top Five Newcomers: Carl Moore

Carlmoore GAINESVILLE -- Incoming freshmen reported today but the No.3 newcomer on our list has been on campus since January. Unlike our previous newcomers to make the list -- Matt Patchan and Will Hill -- Moore is expected to make an immediate impact.

A 6-4, 225-pound receiver, Moore will serve as the possession receiver the Gators lacked in 2007 and will likely replace Bubba Caldwell in the staring line-up. Receiver Percy Harvin recently told Moorecatches Gator Clause that Moore is a step slower than the Gators' returning receivers but makes up for it with size and sure hands. Harvin compares Moore to former Florida receiver Dallas Baker, who was a major contributor during the 2006 national championship season.

Moore's primary competition for playing time will be redshirt freshman receiver Deonte Thompson, one of the receiving corps hardest workers. Moore is currently quarterback Tim Tebow's third option but if Moore proves he can hold onto the ball over the middle he will challenge Harvin as the team's leading receiver.



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"Moore is currently quarterback Tim Tebow's third option"..... not a bad issue for the Gators to have.

If Moore were at any other school, such as Duhhhhh U, he would be the ONLY option.

Also just saw we landed Alajajian, the #1 (5 Star) OG in the nation.

Da UUUU has more options than the putrid gators.

Keep running your big high school drop out mouth.

You jealousy of the CANES 5 NCs is all too evident.


gators zero.

That's right, we do not recognized anything you do because you are afraid top play the canes every year.

Da red necks can't beat the U!

I HATE Canes fans. This guy is calling some one a high school dropout and he can't even spell, he must have played for the U at some point. I can't wait to stomp Miami in September, Meyer will be telling recruits "Why do you want to go to Miami we bet the sh*t out of them this year"

Go Gators
F*** the Haters

I am hoping for Harvin, Murphy, and Moore to be our starting three. But also for UF to rotate Cooper and Thompson pretty evenly throughout games. You can't forget how good TE Cornelius Ingram is. I think CI will give Moore a run for his money as far as 3rd option in the passing game goes. Great read, Joe. Keep up the good work. By the way even realistic cane fans know that this game could get ugly for Miami...I hope Coach Meyer doesn't show any mercy and keeps his foot on the pedal till the final whistle. He is well known for constantly thinking about recruiting, and you might not want to DVR this game if you are a cane fan.

Go Gators!

Try winning one against the canes in the last twenty years first, then run your mouth, until then "shut your pee hole" Gator fans. You all claim to have all this great talent, but you still loose 4 games last year, what's upi with that? You all should be calling Tim Tebow your "Daddy", because with out him you're not even a .500 team. I'm a hurricane but I'm also a Tim Tebow fan, but as great as he is, one man can not do it all, so I hope the rest of your underachieving football team can rise to the occasion and give Miami a game on Sept. 6th... RaisingCane!!!


Don't expect too much out of Cooper this season. Just an educated guess based on things I've observed. Justin Williams and Deonte Thompson, these are the guys that have a good chance of breaking through next season at the wide receiver position.


Why? Why do Cane fans post here and why do Gator fans respond to such?

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