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Top Five Newcomers: No.1 Emmanuel Moody

If you're reading this blog for the first time today, then you've already missed our five-part blog series on the football team's top five newcomers. Don't worry. You can catch up. Just click on the names of the previous "Top Five Newcomers" right here:


GAINESVILLE -- No.1 on our list of top newcomers is USC transfer running back Emmanuel Moody. We here at Gator Clause don't necessarily think Moody is the best addition to the Gators' roster, but we do believe that Moody's potential impact is greater than any newcomer.

Ncf_moody_200Why, exactly? Well, the Gators start and stop with the success and health of Tim Tebow and Moody, if he's productive, might be the guy that keeps Tebow out of the trainer's room this season and on the field. That's right. The more Moody carries the ball the less likely the Gators' superstar quarterback gets injured.

Tebow didn't miss a game last season but that doesn't mean he didn't sustain injury. Tim received shots of a painkiller in his right (none throwing) shoulder for much of the season. He then broke his non-throwing hand against Florida State.

Even more than a better defense, a healthy Tebow is what the Gators need to win a national championship. Moody, the USC transfer who redshirted last season, might be the key. Moody showed glimpses of his potential his freshman season at USC. He had several solid games before being limited by injuries.

A digression here: I'm still scratching my head as to why, exactly, Moody transferred to Florida. He says he left USC to become a featured running back but a featured back is one thing Urban Meyer's and Dan Mullen's offense does not produce. Moody might be the first, who knows? But I doubt it.

0817moody_2Moody probably should have gone to North Carolina if he wanted 20+ carries a game. Why do we mention all of this? We're wondering if Moody will become a distraction if he doesn't get the amount of carries he needs to feel like a major contributor. Moody could have stayed at USC if he wanted a chance to win a national title. He wants to run the ball and the guy isn't afraid to speak his mind, something most UF players do not do.

We'll keep an eye on Moody's morale during preseason practice and two-a-days. If you believe Urban Meyer (which I don't in this case), then the starting running back position isn't even Moody's right now. According to Meyer, Kestahn Moore is still the starter. Meyer swears by Moore. This is strange because if Meyer went back and watched at few game films from last season, then he would be swearing at the fumbles Moore coughed up in close games. Our guess: Meyer is just playing head games with Moody. Meyer got on Moody's case after he fumbled in the end zone during the spring game. It seems like flawed logic that Meyer would berate Moody publicly Si_2007for one fumble in a spring game but still allow Moore to be on the team after the costly fumbles last season. (A side note to this Moody-Moore situation. The two Texans played against each other in little league football.)

OK, digression over. Back on topic...Moody, more than any newcomer, is the key to the Gators' success in 2008. When Moody first showed up last season, all Meyer would say to him when they ran into each other in the football facility was, "I sure hope you're good." There was a reason for that.

[Check out this SI cover from 2007. That's Moody on the left. Instead of splitting time at USC last year, he decided to transfer to UF and sit out a season. Wonder if Moody will make the 2008 SI college football preview cover as a Gator this time around?]



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USC is a JUCO? you are not bright, sir. learn how to research you clown.

Not a JOCO transfer, other than that decent post!

USC is a JUCO? you are not bright, sir. learn how to research you clown.

"I'm still scratching my head as to why, exactly, Moody transferred to Florida." I wondered the same thing when it happened being that our offensive game plans do not know what a running back is.

Little Richie,

Obviously, USC is a JUCO. Do your research, clown. HA! Sorry for mistyping. Was probably thinking about JUCO transfer Carl Moore, since I had just made a link to Moore's post.


I'm laughing out loud right now at the guy who linked up Gator Country to this blog. Hollywood Bob does great work. He really does. But no BS spin column can convince me that Moody is going to be a "featured" back at UF. He transferred away from USC to be THE MAN and he chose UF. Did I get that right? If Tebow lets Moody get 10 carries a game, he should be happy. Moody SHOULD get about 15 carries per game in Meyer's offense, but I'll be surprised if that ever happens. Reminder: Tebow rushed 40 times against Ole Miss. FORTY!!!


Reminder: stop rounding up to the nearest 20 when discussing stats.

Try 27. There's a reason why he was the first sophomore to win the heisman in the history of college football.

Moody/Moore will get their fair share this year as long as they do not fumble. Meyer said "Tebow would ideally take about 10 carries per game". Give Carter three games to figure out what works, he'll prove he's a few notches up from Drayton.

I was wondering about his decision to transfer here as well. He probably didn't expect that there would be much competition, is my guess. And then we signed Rainey...then we signed Demps....then got a verbal from Gilislee...Like Coach Meyer said, "I hope you're good."

Moddy a fumbling punk!

We will need all the help we can get at RB because Tebow is going to need the rest. He can't continue at the same pace as last year, that will only get him hurt.

tebow, he a punk


you a dummy


Is Carter really better than Drayton? I thought Drayton was pretty good but maybe he just wasn't the right fit. Drayton always wanted a 1,000-yard back at UF and left for Tennessee to work with a more tradition coaching staff. I still think Drayton has the potential to be a head coach one day. The problem might not be the running backs coach at all. Part of the problem (if you want to call it a PROBLEM) is that Tebow is TOO good. At times last season, Mullen and Meyer relied to heavily on Tebow. (Hence my sarcasm about 40 carries against Ole Miss.) The coaching staff is going to have to trust the running backs to develop. I wouldn't be surprised to see Moody fumble a few times early in the season. He hasn't played in a real game in two years. If Moody fumbles early, the coaching staff should stick with him and trust his ability to improve. It might help the offense in long run.

UF averaged 37.5 rushing attempts last season. Let's say the Gators average 40 rushing attempts in 2008. Tebow gets 10; Percy gets 10; receivers, Rainey, Demps, K-Mo, Mon, whoever split five carries. That leaves Moody with 15 carries. That seems like the best situation for Moody and UF. Yes? No?


moody is a good player

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