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Welcome to Gator Clause, Florida fans; Join in the conversations

GAINESVILLE -- Many of you are visiting Gator Clause for the first time today. First off, thanks for stopping by. Second off, bookmark this page right now.

The staff here at Gator Clause is going to be with the Gators' football team every step of the way this season. We'll bring you practice reports every day, podcasts quite frequently, player Q&A, links to my (Joe Goodman) articles in The Miami Herald, breaking news on recruiting, breaking news in general, links to other articles throughout the Web, rants on things we hate, kudos to things with love, news of the weird, ramblings, SEC cheerleaders of the week, polls, pictures, cases of free beer, a gerbil or two, pretty much anything we want.

A little about myself: I've worked for The Herald for about three and half years now. I covered high schools in South Florida before my bosses told me to pack up the Ford and drive north to Gainesville. I'm The Herald's only full-time sports reporter working from a satellite bureau. In a sense, I'm my own bureau chief. That's how much The Herald is dedicated to bringing you coverage of the Florida Gators. Enjoy!

Unlike most online sites dedicated to the Gators, this one is absolutely free. All you have to do is click on it and read. I'll promise you guys two things right off the bat: Sometimes you'll agree and sometimes you won't. That's how this thing is supposed to work.   



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I'm hungry for Gators info.

Looking forward to reading your work, Joe.


urban meyer, he a punk

I used to read your articles, you are so pro anti uf.

Why would I continue to waste my time.

Is this the coverage gator fans should expect from your newspaper.

Everything is anti gator or slanted.

I think you should reevaluate your articles.

Don't look for me to be involved.

Is this a joke buzz ? Have you seen how gator papers treat UM ? I thought not. They don't even carry a one inch paragraph of CANE games in their Sunday editions.

I can't believe you are complaining that a Miami paper is not reporting every fart and burp out of Gainesville the way the gator papers do.

You have no idea what you are talking about.


The only slant I must confess is that I try to get the local kids (Major Wright, Dorian Munroe, etc...) on the UF team more ink.


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