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BREAKING NEWS: Maurkice Pouncey drinks Natty Lite!!!

GAINESVILLE -- Well, just when you thought it was going to be a relatively quiet summer for the Gators, the team's projected starting center, Maurkice Pouncey, was issued a traffic citation for possession of an open container in a motor vehicle. What, kid can't crack a beer?

Twins_2Gator Clause pulled the report from the Alachua County public records this afternoon. Maurkice Pouncey was issued the citation on Sunday, July 20 at 9 p.m. near 3500 NW 8th Ave. Just four days before Maurkice's 19th birthday. What a killjoy, right?

According to the traffic citation, Maurkice wasn't driving the 2006 silver Chevy registered to his stepfather, Rob Webster. Maurkice was riding shotgun when his wheelman was pulled over for "no tag light," according to the report.

No clue who the driver was but the type of beer that was opened in the car was named in the Natty_lightreport. Natural Lite, of course. What else would underage college kids be drinking on a Sunday night in July other than Natty Lite? (I was and still am a champagne man. It's always a good time for a High Life.) Good to know Maurkice is just like the rest of us when we were in college. Poor and stupid.

Maurkice's fine? $94, according to the helpful folks at the Alachua County courthouse. .



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His parents must be so proud. oops!

Wow a college student was drinking a beer. Imagine that.

Maybe Matt Patchan was involved too with this one...talk about scum....here you go Urban Liar...maybe you should take action like u did for Jarvis the loss Moss....thats right you didn't and thats why u beat SC that year!!??!??!

drtycane, did you ever go to college? Because you seem unaware that a vast majority of college students drink beer on a regular basis. Especially at the #1 party school in the nation. This doesn't make someone "scum". Stealing a dead girl's credit card is an major offense, and Meyer handled it has such. But drinking a beer? Give me a break.

If Pouncey attended USC then he could use the $$$ to buy whatever beer he wanted, but natty is the standard value buy for a college student.

Breaking story for you canesrule. The terrible kid was drinking a beer. You better run with this one and get the details out everywhere. GO MAN!

dirtycane calling someone else scum, that's hilarious! No, he didn't go to college, 95% of Cane fans never went to college, so he doesn't know what it's like to be a normal 19 year old and do what every other normal 19 year old has done forever.

Beer is beer, it's not allowed by kids under 21. If it's not a big deal then send your kid into a police station with a Natty Lite and see what happens. It is a big deal, one beer leads to one J, which leads to 1 Line which leads to addiction and then prison.

Dawgs- get real. It would be a big deal if I were to walk into the police station with a loaded rifle, even though it's perfectly legal for me to own and carry it otherwise. So what's your point? If you didn't drink underage, then I guess you can be proud of yourself... or something. Did you have perfect attendance in high school too? Were you elected president of the chess team?


Its all about the BEAST, beotches!

This is what passes as news? And btw, 1 beer doesn't lead to anything. Drinking beer doesn't lead to smoking pot or to doing coke. That's the stupidies logic ever and you are an idiot.

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