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CAMP COUNTDOWN: Seven strengths in seven days...Tight Ends

The kids go to summer camp in one week. There will be plenty of time during preseason practice and two-a-days to write about the unknown. For one week, let's break down the Gators' perceived strengths...


GAINESVILLE -- At the beginning of the 2006 season, the tight end position was a weakness for the Gators. Cornelius Ingram, Florida's only reliable option, was still learning the position. One year later, tight end is one of the Gators' top seven strengths.

IngramIngram wisely passed on the NFL Draft and returned for his senior season and sophomore tight end Aaron Hernandez is an emerging star. Florida's coaching staff is so excited about the possibility of using a two-tight end power set that Meyer told reporters about the plan during SEC Media Days.

"We have a luxury this year," Meyer said. "We have two very good tight ends, two guys that are going to be playing football for a living if they stay healthy. So, you'll see two tight ends in the game at the same time quite often because they're both dynamic receivers. That's probably an element we have not done a lot of just because of personnel.

"Two years ago or three years ago we introduced a fullback. Everybody said, 'What a great addition to your offense.' Yeah, because we had a great fullback. Our fullback is gone. Now we have these two tight ends. We've been working quite diligently on putting together a little package with that."

Finally, a red zone option that doesn't involve Tebow scrambling or bulldozing his way across the goal line. Of course, I'm excited about this for selfish reasons. I'll have something different to write about on Saturdays.

HernandezIt's not like passing to Ingram in the red zone will be anything new. He had 34 receptions for 508 yards in 2007. And while her anked fourth in team receptions, Ingram led Florida in receiving touchdowns. By the end of the season, Hernandez could be better than Ingram.

With TWO all-SEC caliber tight ends on the field in 2008, opposing defensive coordinators will be overmatched. Teams simply won't have the personnel to properly defend each of the Gators' options. At least, that's the plan.



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I'm salivating so much waiting for this to get under way that I'm gonna need one of those horse feed bag things.

Percy left, Deonte right, Chris in the "I", and C.I. and A.H. in the double tight end formation. Oh yeah, there's Tim too.

Could be better, but will not. Ingram is an NFL level player, and Hernandez may become one.

Tebow should take the ball under center, stand up and hit (one of) the tight ends 5 to 7 yards down the field. That was wide open even last year and I don't think we did it once!


What's the latest on Torrey Davis' academic situation? Meyer said in May that Davis "had a long way to go" in order to be academically eligible for this season.

Any idea if he will eligible?

Ingram is so jacked in the pictures I've seen. Combined, the tight end position should rank second in receptions this season. Percy should lead the team. I can't wait for the season. We're going to kill Hawaii. The game will be over by the first quarter.

Take it to the Gainesville Sun. Nobody here care about the state hickschool.

I wish we really did have some strengths. I see a 6 loss season for us.

UM's average linebackers won't be able to cover C.I. And A.H. and plug up running lanes. UM will be forced into putting safeties on our TE's which will leave their CB's in man to man. NO WAY ! UF will probably rack up two burgers from the TE's alone. There will be serious matchup problems for Bill Young in the middle of the field. When UF lines up in a double TE set and sends wideouts on crossing routes, UM will be clueless. Wearing down UM's line will be a cakewalk for UF. This one gets ugly in the first half. Florida won't even need to spread the field to create mismatches against this green UM team. UF will be able to create mismatches by simply going right at the middle of UM's D.


UM 6

I hope you are right, but um's lbs are very fast as is their DBs. This will be a very tough game for us.

Also, the um oL is vastly superior to our DL, and our CB are not very good at all.

We will be lucky to win this game.

UM's db's aren't faster than Uf's receivers you POSER. UF's D will be improved. UM has NO offense that they've shown. Who's gonna catch the ball? Marve will be eating turf most of the game. UF's linebackers are much better than UM's. linebacker is a big question in CG. Uf has all american in middle. UM doesn't have a chance in this one. check the odds.

Hey, Jo! Why don't you just write the truth. We could beat UM by just using our tight ends.

Listen I live in Miami but I'm a die hard 100% Gator through and through. I want to get a chance to smake UM and their fans who are bandwagon right in the face. I'm also the President of Athletics for the Gator Club of Miami. UM is struglying to find WR in their offense. Also, they have a problem in QB. Our defense has to be improved from a year ago which is what caused us to miss an SEC Championship, NCG and winning in the Bowl Game. Our offense is good enough to beat anyone. But, our defense has to step up and stop people and allow our offense to be on the field and win Championships.

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