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Emails I get: Don't forget about Gainesville Green

So, every once in awhile, Gator Clause blogs about the emails that fill our inboxs. Keep'em coming. This first email is from "Gator" Steve in Colorado. "Gator" Steve agrees with our recent Gainesville Top 5 list but added an addition...

Pretty good start...but if you were a bit older and went to college in the 70-80's then the famous Gainesville Green would show up, at least in the top 10.....

Think you should try a most "infamous" list -
Doug Dickey
Gville Green
Dwayne Schintzius

Take care, how do I get on a subscribe list?

Steve "Gator"
Boulder, CO

Gator Steve,
I added you to the email list. Thanks for the suggestions. I did a little Internet research and found a short documentary about Gainesville Green. Here's the link.
CLICK ME! Gainesville was once considered the Berkeley of the South. Who knew? Thanks for the insightful email.

This next email comes to us from Kevin. Kevin offered a wealth of information...

Your list is a little off. Don Felder and Bernie Leadon of the Eagles. Stephen Stills of Crosby, Stills & Nash and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. And, not to overly criticize your list, but only Tom Petty and the guys listed above grew up in Gainesville, the rest showed up as mature or young adults.


Great email, Kevin. I had no idea all those rockers were from Gainesville. That's pretty amazing. Also, B.B, King was born right down the road in Archer, Fla. I still contend, however, that Petty is more famous than anyone on your list except for maybe Stills. After all, Petty played the Super Bowl. (And remember that entire summer one year when ESPN's MLB postseason commercials played "Running Down a Dream" in the background? That got annoying.)



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