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LINK: 2008 UF recruiting supplement...err...I mean media guide is here

Here's the link: CLICK ME! (front and back covers pictured below)

Front_cover_2GAINESVILLE -- Add your observations in the form of a comment. Here are a couple things I noticed:
-Chris Rainey changed his jersey number to No.3.
-Joe Haden is now No.5.
-Will Hill is No.33.
-Dee Finley won't be on the team this year (off to prep school to work on his grades) but he's got a number, No.38.
-Torrey Davis looks insane.
-Aaron Hernandez can actually smile?
-Nice to see Emmanuel Moody and Kestahn Moore side-by-side and smiling. That probably won't happen much this season.
-Frankie Hammond Jr. (Hallandale) is No.85.
-Jeffrey Demps is No.32 and is listed as an athlete.
-Omar Hunter is No.58
-Adrian Bushell is No.2.
Backcover -Moses Jenkins is listed at 190 pounds.
-Deonte Thompson is listed at 195 pounds.
-Tebow changed his number to No.12 (OK, OK, just kidding. Couldn't resist.)

About the front and back covers...Normally teams put players on the cover and I'm pretty surprised Tebow isn't on the cover of Florida's media guide this season, considering the fact that he's the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Tebow was on the back cover of the 2007 media guide and he hadn't even started a game at that point. My guess is Tebow didn't want to be on the cover. And since Tebow is the only logical person to put on the cover, then UF decided to throw a bunch of rings and trophies together. No doubt it's a nod to the Gators' new stadium addition, which showcases all of these things.



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