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Mike Pouncey moving back to defensive line? Official roster says yes...

GAINESVILLE -- In glancing over the Gators' official 2008 online roster today, Gator Clause noticed something very interesting. Mike Pouncey has apparently been changed back to a defensive lineman. See for yourself. CLICK THE LINK!

Mike Pouncey filled in at defensive tackle last season when Javier Estopinan went down with an ACL injury. The original plan was for Mike Pouncey to rejoin his brother Maurkice on the offensive line this season. Mike Pouncey is listed as an offensive lineman in the Gators' recently released 2008 media guide. If you believe the Gators' OFFICIAL roster on its OFFICIAL website, then Mike is now moving BACK to defense. This raises several questions:

1. Is the website wrong? UF officials haven't texted me back yet about Mike Pouncey's current status. It's probably just a clerical error but let's pretend, for fun, that Pouncey is moving back to defense.
2. Does this mean Torrey Davis is in the doghouse again?
3. Is Ronnie Wilson rejoining the team as an offensive lineman? Wilson, who was kicked off the team for one year, has been enrolled at UF since the fall semester. He's not on scholarship but he could conceivably make the team as a walk-on.
4. Who's going to start at offensive guard? James Wilson, Carl Johnson...perhaps Joey Sorrentino.



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Good eye Mr. G. Very Interesting. I was much looking forward to the twins lining up side by side. But UF does have depth on the Oline and still some questions on the D-line. I'm curious who will be lining up next to Estopinan on the other side? Marsh? Mike P? Torrey Davis? Uf's interior D-line still seems to be in flux.

Maybe Troy Epps? Mike Pouncey probably isn't playing any where this season other than offensive guard.



This brings me back to my recent question about Torrey Davis. Meyer said in May that Davis had "a long way to go" to be academically eligible.

Well? Is he?

The final summer term isn't over yet.


OK. Thanks.

I'm sure the coaches have a good idea already of what the final result will be.

Maybe this the answer. We'll see.

Meyer, on Pouncey at DT, from SEC Media Days:

"...you can't move Mike Mike Pouncey, he'll be upset when I tell this. He wasn't very good over there on defense. He thought he was good. He did this a lot, got the crowd going (lifting his arms). But he's not what you need to play great defense."


I think the website is wrong. Its incorrect on some other things. For example, it has my friend (an offensive lineman) listed as 5-11 192 and he is more around 6-4 260. It would be funny to see a 192-pound lineman in the SEC ...

I bet it is an error. These rosters had to be set to go to print a month or so ago? They probably just picked one and went with it.

Yep, Florida's people got back with my people yesterday and said that the Pouncey people are offensive people.


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