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One of the funniest Tebow pics I've seen...

GAINESVILLE -- Gotta love that Tebow kid. Such a good sport. Terrible footwear, though. All Crocs throughout the world should be confiscated immediately and recycled. If you're not a nurse, child or mental patient then please don't wear these shoes. I had a pair of Crocs once and actually wore them in public a couple times because my lovely wife surprised me with them as a birthday present. As punishment, my feet should be cut off below the ankles.

This picture, by the way, is the only time I've ever seen Tebow pose a la Heisman Trophy. Bubba Caldwell tried to get Tebow to pose like this a thousand times between the FSU game and the bowl game last season but Tebow would never do it. Guess all Bubba needed was a baby.




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Just when I thought Richard Simmons was the gayest thing I have ever seen.

another Tebow hater. LOL! lemme guess - he steamrolled over your pansy team at some point last year, am I right? oh wait, or are you a miami "fan" that is hoping to God he doesn't t bag your 'canes in September. which is it, kid?

Good thing he didn't spike the kid

that pic is priceless, that is gonna be shown on ESPN during the season I guarantee it!

Dude, this blog is pathetic. It's a thinly-veiled homer Cane site. News flash: writing for a tabloid sports page is not a real job.


Just an FYI: I live in Gainesville and cover the Gators full time. If you're a Gators fan, then why don't you join the conversation and post something useful or funny. That's what we do here.

-This blog's author

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