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Percy, Patchan, Omar injury updates; Plus USF's Leavitt calls out Florida and Miami

TAMPA -- I realize most people in this world correlate the annual beginning of college football hysteria with the release of EA Sports' updated version of its college football video game. Clearly, those people don't know about the Florida Sports Writers Association preseason college football press conferences.

T1_meyerGator Clause is in Tampa today for the event and already we've listened to Florida coach Urban Meyer, USF coach Jim Leavitt and UM coach Randy Shannon talk football. The highlight so far? Gotta go with Leavitt inferring that Florida is scared to play the Bulls in Tampa and then a few minutes later telling reporters that USF's bull's-eye is focused, without question, on Miami in the hopes of unseating the Hurricanes as one of the Big Three. (UM and USF currently share a five-game deal and three of those games are in Tampa.)

Meyer was up first today and he's looking pretty spry considering he spent the last few days in Los Angeles for the ESPY awards. (Tebow, by the way, won an ESPY for best male college athlete of the year. The show will air at 9 p.m. on Sunday.) A few notes to pass along before I begin writing my stories for tomorrow's paper. I'll get back to the blog later on today once I'm done.

-Meyer said that ESPN College GameDay is going to be in Gainesville for the UF-UM game. (Don't know if that was already public knowledge. I hadn't heard anything about it.)
-Omar Hunter's injured back has put the defensive tackle behind schedule for the start of two-a-days. Don't expect a freshman savior a la Major Wright or Joe Haden, warned Meyer.
Janorisjenkins_espn -Janoris Jenkins might be a candidate to move to safety. Walk-on Cade Holliday is currently the only player to move to safety after the Gators' rash of injuries at the position. Holliday was previously a wide receiver.
-Freshman Matt Patchan severally strained a pectoral muscle during offseason workouts. He can't even lift weights. Don't expect much out of him for a while.
-Percy Harvin is back to full speed, according to Meyer, but UF's staff will be working Harvin back into the fold slowly to avoid further injuries.
-Meyer spoke with Jeffrey Demps a few hours before Demps ran a 10.01 in the 100 meters at the U.S. track and field Olympic trials. Meyer says Demps is somewhere in the middle of Harvin and redshirt freshman Chris Rainey in terms of strength. It begs the question: If Demps is in between Harvin (jersey No.1) and Rainey (jersey No.3), then why isn't Demps wearing No.2 this season? (Demps is No.32.)

We'll have more on today's press conferences later in the day, so check back and enjoy.



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Ha! I changed it. Thanks for the timely email. For those who didn't see the mistake, I wrote "Florida coach Randy Shannon" originally in this blog post. Yes, I realize the horror in that error. (For both teams' fan bases, presumably.) Shannon was on the podium while I was writing the blog. Sorry!!!


Jo, i was just turned on to your link 2 days ago and your the best thing since slice bread when it comes to giving me my daily gator fix. keep up the good work.

Another great read. Thanks

Great stuff.

Love that Gameday will be there for the hated scUM game, but we pretty much assumed that would be the case when it became a night game. Doesn't speak well for how the UF-UT game is devolving in importance, unless ESPN has the sack to do two UF games back to back.

I think Janoris is too small to be an effective first year safety, the kid is clearly, clearly a cover corner.

Speaking of move to safety, heard from a buddy that Riley Cooper's dad doesn't want RC to jeopardize his baseball career with a move to safety.

Hmmm... Jeremy Fowler at the Orlando Sentinel had a very different take on the comments about Patchan's injury:


Which version is correct?

Hmmm...That's just half a quote and not all Meyer said. But either way, I'm pretty sure it's going to take a little more than just "moving and running" to play football in the SEC. Last time I checked Patchan was a lineman. Linemen push people around. That means you use your weight and strength in close quarters. Patchan has neither enough weight nor strength right now to even think about contributing. Remember, Patchan had a shoulder injury before the spring, got shot over the summer and now has a severally strained chest muscle. The only place he's going to be ready to go by fall camp is the pit (Where all good little Gators are sent when they can't practice.)

And if anyone ever links the Orlando Sentinel to my blog again I'll find your house, change your locks and steal your goats.


Nice post, Rico! Quality work.


Just the facts here. Patchan have never weighed more then 230 lbs. and the word is that he has tried steroids and still can't get bigger. he is destine to be a tall drink of water who can't get on the field.

Percy Harvin is still limping around, and it is doubtful that he can even play this year.

You heard it here at facts central.

It would be nice if you could correct your other factual misstatement. Miami agreed to a total of 6 games vs. USF. We have already played USF once in the Orange Bowl, the return game is next year, and after that there are two more home-and-homes.

Rainey's # is #8 stoopid. Amazing how reporters get so much wrong these day. you should be embarrassed. try fact checking...



Rainey is No.3 this season. He was No.8 last year. I realize you think Rainey's jersey number is still No.8, but it's not. And even if I had gotten it wrong, it's bad form to get so bent out of shape about something trivial. Next time just write something like, "Hey, Goody. I think Rainey's jersey number is No.8."


There is nothing factually incorrect with writing that Miami and USF have five games to play and three will be in Tampa. I don't care if they signed a six-game deal and one game has already been played.


Just a little advice from one writer to another. If you're going to start a post by writing, "Just the facts" and then write "word is," then people might think you're crazier than me.


Matt Patchan is 262lbs now without being able to really work out right now. He has stardom written all over him. The "U" will always hate the fact they let this one get away, so I'm not surprise nor will I ever be surprise to hear negative comments about Patchan coming for south fl.

Matt Patchan is 262lbs now without being able to really work out right now. He has stardom written all over him. The "U" will always hate the fact they let this one get away, so I'm not surprise nor will I ever be surprise to hear negative comments about Patchan coming for south fl.

WOW! Rainey switched to #3...Nice!

What about the numbers of our other summer enrollees?

Hill?....is he #3 (allowed to wear it because Rainey is on Offense)


McCray?....is he #55 (again, allowed to wear it because Mike Pouncey is going to stay on O)

Green?...is he #11

Hunter?...is he #99





Demps?...didn't he wear #5 in high school?

Thanks in advance, Joe.

Rico Pallazzo:
Why is it always necessary for UF fans to post the word "scUM" when they post about UM? Is it that your irritated about not beating them since 1985 or are you irritated about how much worse your team's criminal record has been over the last 15 years? Hated...understood...but scum? I think your fan base needs to be a little more introspective about peeling the scum off your own shoes.


It isn't necessary to type the "sc" in front of "UM,". but you must admit it does create interesting, albeit sometimes entirely tangential responses. I'd admit it, since your post is Exhibit A to my position.

Wouldn't say I'm irritated that Florida hasn't beaten the Hurricrimes since 2000 b.c., but I am bitter about it. Any True Gator fan worth a sh1t feels the same way.

you do seem irritated that Miami's "Thug U" characterization is pretty much perpetual, even though so many other schools - like UF for instance - seemingly have athletes ringing up worse rap sheets than your Canes, yet neither the athletes nor the school ever seem to be cast in such negativive light as did/do your angelic 'Canes. Seems unfair, even when the UM football team mercenaries have been rather tame and well behaved lately. Now that would irritate me, maybe even drive me to post something completely tengential as you did earlier.

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