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REPORT: Gators spent $1.45 million on recruiting in 2007

GAINESVILLE -- Florida ranks third nationally behind Tennessee and Notre Dame in money spent annual on recruiting, according to research published in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Gators spent $1,451,400 on luring the nation's best athletic recruits to Gainesville in 2007. Tennessee topped the list with a recruiting price tag of $2 million. Notre Dame spent $1,758,300.

Florida spent $1,097,300 on recruiting in 2002 and $655,000 on recruiting in 1996, according to the report. Of the nation's top 10 biggest spenders, five are members of the Southeastern Conference: Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, Georgia and Arkansas.

Here's a link to the full report. CLICK ME! Thoughts are welcomed on this subject, people. Is it absurd that schools spend so much money recruiting football and basketball players? Is it justifiable? Should the NCAA make a spending cap? Did I mention that Florida is the No.1-ranked party school in the country?

Other figures of interest: South Florida ($468,813), FSU ($946,356), Miami ($772,950), Central Florida ($632,564) and Florida Atlantic ($256,903).



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I don't think it's absurd at all. You've got to spend money to make money, and college football is a big money maker. They'll probably make that much if not more, in one game this year. I think the only thing that's absurd and the NCAA needs to take a look at, is their restrictions on athletes having jobs, and making money.


Do these numbers include how much was actually spent on recruits?

yea does that include the players annual salary, and bail money?? just messing with u goody.

It's not absurd when the football program is bringing in tens of millions of dollars as UF does. The football program is a cash cow for the entire athletic department and greatly benefits all sports. Perhaps the recruiting staff is traveling extravagantly, nonetheless it's a good way to keep the team on top which in turn keeps funds rolling in. Ask the parents of a UF womens soccer player if they think it's money well spent. They'll say yes.

I heard P. Harvin is making 350K this year, but there is a clause in his contract where this amount will double if he decides to stay another year.

Here's the thing. Are we to believe that these teams are willing to spend millions luring recruits but they're not willing to break the rules? The amount of money spent on recruiting blurs the lines. Maybe the NCAA should make a spending cap like they do on scholarships. But would that just force teams to cheat even more? The way the system stands right now suggests flawed thinking. Either you let schools have unlimited scholarships and allow them to spend unlimited amounts of money in recruiting or you put a limit no both. Are you Karl Marx or George Bush? You can't be both.


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