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Richt apologizes for 'Gator Stomp'

Blogging from my Blackberry today, so this might get ugly...

HOOVER, Ala. -- First, I just wanted to address something really important. Georgia coach Mark Richt is a millionaire, right? So why does he show up to SEC Media Days with a $5 haircut? Seriously, Mark. Do something different with the hair. You look like a 40-something Dennis The Menace.

ANYWAY, Richt just stepped away from the microphone here in Hoover, Ala. It felt like he spent more time addressing last season's end zone celebration against Florida more than anything else.

Richt said he called Meyer the day after the game and apologized. "I told him what I told you," Richt said. "I was a coach desperate for some enthusiasm and I was willing to take a 15-yard penalty."

Meyer, apparently, isn't letting the thing go. In his biography (release date in September) Meyer called Georgia's excessive celebration "a bad deal. And it will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and in the mind of our football team."

(You know Meyer is pissed when he speaks in the third person.)

Meyer later said that Florida "will handle it. And it's going to be a big deal."

To be continued...in November.

As apologetic as Richt sounded about the celebration, he did make a point to let reporters know that Florida's dominance of the rivalry is officially over. "If you want to talk about recent history, then just go back to the last few games."

Finally, SEC Media Days is getting interesting!



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Richt looks like a male Helen Hunt.

The Gators dominance over Georgia is definitely not over until they win two games in a row. Something they haven't done since 1989. You gotta love how Richt is trying to sweep everything under the rug, knowing it's going to come back and bite him hard this year. Because there's one thing that everyone knows, including Richt, and that is, the Gators are PISSED and have watched that celebration over and over again, and have done nothing but use it as motivation for this season, and I can't wait to see what happens. I just hope both teams are at full strength, so we can really see who the better team is.

Richt is a puss* for apologizing...Urban Liar has done much worse things since he moved Zook out...that is where your success is "1 hit"....Gator Alumn no one cares on your opinion..

i dont think this guy should have said sorry for anything. no cane/gator bias here but i mean if you did something... (pretty funny i might add) stand by it... he did it to fire up his team... it worked and they one. i say do it again... and again.. once a year... UF, you want that to stop? shut'em up. if not.. get ready to see more 15 yd penalties. that being said.. cant wait to see you all in '09 when FIU goes to the Swamp.

Richt looks like one of the tools in "Dumb and Dumber" with that odd coiffeur.

As far as the endzone celebration goes, Florida had plenty of chances to shove it up their collective a55es the rest of that lengthy game - tied it up less than 2 minutes later, actually - but could not do so. It ticked off all of us Gators, as it should have. It also clearly had the effect on the team and fans Richt was after. If he could go back to that point in time, he'd better do it again. I would were I him.

So... We shall see this year. Of course, Georgia has a very good team, an Oline which was very effective considering it rivaled Florida's Dline in terms of youth and inexperience. The biggest factor to next year's game at this point (aside from the unpredictable injuries and/or suspensions which may/may not occur between now and then) is the LACK of either team having a bye week before the WLOCP. Georgia, to their credit, made full use of that advantage last year, as Florida and SOS had done in many previous years. Not this year, and in fact, I do not envy Georgia playing at LSU the week before. Reminds me of our Auburn-LSU back to back last year (although brutal, think we can all agree UF played much better at LSU. Let's not revisit those painful memories yet). Anyway, advantage Florida on that and the mojo going into that nasty suaret.

Backpedaling coach is never a good thing...

Before that though, I have my sights set on the team most real, longtime, non-bandwagon hopping Florida fans should dislike the most, and that's the Hurricrimes. Georgia and LSU will come, and will both be there next year as well. Let's savor the flavor of this rare chance to play Miami, and concentrate on that while we can. And you shouldn't even bother to respond to a thing their clown fans post on here, you need to concentrate on letting them know Florda will kill them on 9/6.

Here's hoping they don't surprise, like Zooker and the boys almost did a few years back when we all thought a massacre was in the offing.

Richt was not believable at all when he talked about the celebration. Just look back at that game and you see not him or any of his assistants tried to stop the players from running out. He personally smiled, laughed, and clapped. He is full of shiiza.

You've got pretty good instincts, Mr. Brooks. Make sure you read my story in Friday's Miami Herald.


Uf is a great school, they have a great team, but their fans are trashy scUM bags!

No one cares about my opinion, huh?? That's funny coming from a lowlife Cane fan in a Gator forum. What's a matter, you upset you couldn't be the first to post this time?? You're a SCUMBAG!

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I looked for your story Joe. I can't find it. Is it only in the print edition because I don't get that? Maybe you haven't posted it yet. Help.

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I'm flabergasted that opposing fans/Gators would treat you,and your posse with such contempt. Given the way you post and what you say, I think we can safely rule out any instigation on your part. Clearly, people are simply singling you out. I mean there's no way these evil Gator fans could be reacting to obnoxious rancor from you, right?

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dirtycane(how appropriate) ...nobody cares about your opinion, either...

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