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SEC podcast: Top 10 Countdown from Media Days

First a link to my story in this morning's Miami Herald...CLICK ME!

HOOVER, Ala. -- Here's the podcast outline. Run time is six minutes. Huddle up.

10. The BIG Prediction
9. The Percy Situation
8. Auburn, are you kidding?
7. Calling out the Dumbest Reporter
6. Meyer listens to the Gator Clause podcast?
5. The Race
4. Did you know? SABAN!
3. You know you're in SEC country when...
2. Mark Richt shut your mouth
1. A dramatic reading of Kentucky receiver Dicky Lyons, Jr.'s dream about Matt Stafford (Yeah, it's weird.)
1. By The Numbers: STEVE SPURRIER
2. Predicting the Gators' breakout player of the year




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Nice podcast. Saban will really start feeling the pressure if he loses five or more games this season. I'm guessing Major will be your breakout player of the year. The most interesting thing about Auburn being picked to win the West is Tuberville says he isn't even sure who his quarterback will be. They'll probably mix it up between Kodi Burns and the Texas Tech transfer similar to LSU last year and Florida in 2006.

You have the best podcast around. I'm still laughing about what you said about will hill's outfit at FNL.

Nice tease on the breakout player Goody. If there is any justice in the world, the breakout player will be Chris Rainey. UF's offense with a potent tailback will be even scarier.

Nice job Goodman. A little "heavy" on the Lyons spiel but other than that, pretty good.

I liked the Lyons thing. Very funny. The Gator Clause podcast should have a dramatic reading segment every week.

Sadly, Tebow was a flash in the pan as is Meyer, so we are in for a long season. We need a real coach who is honest, and who can recruit.

That podcast was pretty sick. Keep it flowin. Did you see that Lyons kid on ESPN top ten bloopers. Hillarious. He swallows a fly and just starts coming up with the funiest stuff. You could tell he's got some comedy skills.

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