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Surprising selections to preseason all-SEC coaches' teams; Wondy made the list!?!

My first-team prediction total was off by one (of course, if you want to be technical, I was wrong on three names)...

GAINESVILLE -- Florida coach Urban said last week that he expects his offensive line to be one of the nation's best units. Southeastern Conference coaches aren't too sure about that prediction.

Wondy20danceThe SEC coaches' preseason all-SEC football teams were released on Monday and Florida's best returning offensive lineman, Phil Trautwein and Jim Tartt, were voted to the third-team offense. No other Florida linemen were honored. Five Gators made first team offense and defense: quarterback Tim Tebow, receiver Percy Harvin, tight end Cornelius Ingram, return specialist Brandon James and linebacker Brandon Spikes.

Perhaps the most interesting selections of teams were the three Florida defensive backs named to the third-team defense: safety Major Wright and cornerbacks Wondy Pierre-Louis [PICTURED AND DANCING] and Joe Haden. Wright, Pierre-Louis and Haden are returning starters but UF's poor secondary was a major reason why the Gators' passing defense was the worst in the league (258.5 yards per game).

Florida trailed only LSU (14) in total number of players selected to the teams. The SEC media days begin on Wednesday in Hoover, Ala. Meyer Tebow and Trautwein will represent the Gators.

For the record, I thought Tartt and Trautwein would make first-team offense. Tartt has made several first-team preseason lists and Trautwein was a first-team offensive selection last season before he fractured his foot.

Here's a link to a complete list of the teams...CLICK ME!   



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More hype from Turkeyville. I can't wait for 6 September. Their world will come tumbling down and only CANE fans will be left at the end of the third quarter.

More ignorance from Cane fans. That's by far the funniest comment I've read in a LONG time! Hey canesSUCK, you're forgetting one little detail, 5-7. You're team SUCKS! And one more thing you're forgetting, Cane fans don't travel to home games let alone away games, so they definitely won't be the only fans left in the 3rd quarter. You can't wait for Sept 6th, that's HILARIOUS! You might want to worry about Charleston Southern, you're going to have a hard enough time beating them.


Forget that guy. He's just bored at work. What I'm wondering today is: If Major, Wondy and Joe actually do live up to their preseason all-SEC billing, then does that mean Florida wins a national title? Seriously, the secondary was supposed to be a weakness and one of the only reasons Florida fell short.


I've never seen Urban gloss things over. If he says the O-line will be excellent, I believe him. He calls a dog a dog. The Gators have plenty of guys to shuffle in and out. Three seniors on the line. The Pouncey twins. I expect that unit to be excellent.

Yeah canestool, just like the 200 or so cane fans that remained at the Orange Bowl through the Virginia game you delusional moron. This guy is a tremendous imbecile. He'll check in daily with some bunk. He hates Urban beyond comprehension. He clearly has an unhealthy obsession with Urban.

Roll on Gator Nation.

All we need the defense to do is keep teams honest in the passing game and not get beat deep multiple times per game as was the case last season. Recall, we had the best offense in the entire SEC last year and one of the top 5 in the entire Nation, Tim Tebow and Percy are only going to improve, and our running game should be more potent as well. In other words, all the D has to do is keep teams below 25 points a game and we should be in position to win every single time. I think that's a perfectly reasonable expectation and something that the D will not only accomplish, but improve upon as the season progresses.

I think the producer for the Joe Rose morning show on AM 560, an avowed "Cane," said it best when he stated that he expected the scoring differential to be greater in the UF-UM game (for the Gators of course) than it will be in the UM-Charleston So. opener!

Hurricanes are Gator Bait!

Spikes is a no brainer. The only issue is will he stick around if he has yet another superlative year. Given the safety depth/experience and the dearth of eligible and/or experienced tackles, Spikes is going to have a very busy, productive and accomplished year, IMO.

Haden paid his dues and was actually playing rather well last year, as was Major before his injury. Their inclusion to the list doesn't surprise me. WPL's does, frankly. We'll see, but I think last year's dismal performances had more to do with opposing quarterbacks having too much time to get the balls to the receivers. I don't care what kind of blankets are in the secondary, if the QB has time, he will find someone.

Is Pouncy back on the Oline? Is John Brown going to be available for the fall?

You're right, it's just hard to ignore the ignorance of a fan of a 5-7 team. Yes, I think if they live up to the hype, then I don't see any reason why they can't win a national title. The D-line's a little suspect, but if Javy stays healthy and Dunlap is a monster like he was in the spring, then they'll be fine. The LBs will pick up the slack there. The biggest issue is, if Major goes down with an injury, then they're in serious trouble. Thankfully, the offense will be unstoppable this year. After seeing Rainey play in the Spring game, I can't even begin to imagine how Meyer and Mullen are going to go wild with this offense. This is by far the best article I've seen yet. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/39799-florida-gators-the-scariest-team-in-college-football

Gator Alum,

I'll say this. They certainly love the Gators over at bleacherreport.com.


Gayturd Alumn....You all ain't shi$ w/o Tebow, maybe he should shoot up some HGH to out run...He better watch for Mr. Arthur Brown on Sept 6......we have the fastest defense in the country this year homey

Gayturd Alumn....You all ain't shi$ w/o Tebow, maybe he should shoot up some HGH to out run...He better watch for Mr. Arthur Brown on Sept 6......we have the fastest defense in the country this year homey

Gayturd Alum, how original! Such class from loser Cane fans! Wow, obvious guy says! The guys the Heisman trophy winner and our starting QB! There's not too many teams out there that wouldn't suffer from losing that player. IDIOT! Arthur Brown??? LMAO! Yeah some unknown freshman is going to come in and do what nobody else could do last year, GIVE ME A BREAK! Fastest D in the country??? That's HILARIOUS! You'll see what fast is come Sept 6. By the way, you say "we ain't shi$ without Tebow," well guess what??? You're team ain't shi$ PERIOD! 5-7!

5-7 is correct mathematician...it was probably one of the worst collapse in canes history. look at your track record for chokes..
the Michigan loss this year...that team sucked monkey nuts all year and w/Teboy shut down you weren't shi*!!!
Auburn at home..Urban Liar decided to rely on the hero Teboy....never got it done in the 4th qtr...that guy is the biggest fraud since Gaylen Hall....
Georgia walked over you in Jacksonville...Gator fans were crying across the state..
Miami's Brock Berlin putting together the most unbelievable drive to seal the deal....
your AD Foley is a huge puss* scared to play teams like USF and UM every year.
You are the typical Gator fan who runs their mouth when you have your short-term fame...

..1985 last time you beat the Canes

Aug 30 - vs. Hawaii LOSS (TOO MUCH POT SMOKING)
Sep 6 - vs. Miami-Florida, LOSS (WE OWN U)
Sep 13 - Open WIN
Sep 20 - at Tennessee LOSS (PAYBACK GAME)
Oct 4 - at Arkansas, LOSS (WOOOOOO)
Oct 18 - Open WIN
Oct 25 - vs. Kentucky,LOSS (HC)
Nov 1 - at Georgia, LOSS (#2 FOR THE DAWGS)
Nov 8 - at Vanderbilt, WIN
Nov 22 - vs. Citadel,WIN (WHAT A TEAM)

Imagine that, a gator talking about class. We are talking about people who physically attack women who follow opposing tams, urine bombs, manure bombs, and shot guns being pointed at opposing fans, pit bulls being unleashed on opposing fans. Right, you gators sure know what real class is.

Your hatred of UM is only surpassed by your jealousy of the small private school. Deal with it losers!

Imagine that, a Cane fan talking about jealousy! This is a Gator forum is it not??? Why are you here??? And we're jealous of the Canes??? THAT'S HILARIOUS! Dirtycane, every team we lost to last year, would've put up at least 50 on you guys, especially Michigan, who was a top 5 team at the beginning of the season and lost a lot of games due to injuries. When they played Florida, they were not only at full strength and playing as they were expected to play, but playing with inspiration for their coach. Obviously you know nothing about football. By they way, 2 of those losses were to the eventual #1 and 2 teams in the country by a total of 16pts. I love how you guys seem to forget how young the Gators were last year. 9-4 is nothing to be ashamed of. Don't worry, come Sept 6th, you'll see how good the Gators really are!

Drtycane - were you even alive the last time Florida beat UM? You are either 15 years old, or truely hampered by the low, apparently energy saving bulb you have between your ears. Seriously, bro, not trying to be a di(k, but you just look and sound like a dumba55. It's sadly evident you have not graduated from ANY college, let alone a fine school like Miami allegedly is. I understand loving your team and hoping for the best/positivism, etc., but even someone as seemingly dense as you appear to be has to admit your team will not be favored in Gainesville, at night, in Marve's second career start and first road game.

I heard Miami fans ran over puppies and crushed babies with their bare hands. You should accuse Florida fans for high gas prices while your in the middle of that unsubstantiated hearsay laden post.

Miami has won 2 NCs outside of its own home stadium, the rest were purely a result of having a Bowl Game in your own stadium.

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