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Tebow drives the ball 360 yards; Waffles between Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore

I offer you proof that Tim Tebow is indeed fallible. He would rather watch Happy Gilmore than Caddyshack...

GAINESVILLE -- Tim Tebow is in Los Angeles today for the filming of the 2008 ESPY Awards. ESPN will air the show at 9 p.m. on Sunday. Tebow was a consensus all-American and won the Heisman, Maxwell and Davey O'Brien Awards last season and now Tebow can add Best Male College Athlete of the Year to that list. (Assuming he wins, wink-wink.)

Tebow, his brother and father played in the ESPY Awards celebrity golf scramble on Tuesday. Gator Clause caught up with Tebow shortly after he walked off the 18th green. Most of the questions were lighthearted and fun. We'll have plenty of time to ask Tebow SERIOUS questions about football before the season starts.

HeismantebowcropGATOR CLAUSE: How's the golf game these days?
TEBOW: "It needs improvement. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to work on fixing the hook."

GATOR CLAUSE: So, what's the worst aspect of your golf game?
TEBOW: "That's a good question. I can be talented at times and make some good golf shots and drive the ball pretty far and do some nice things but the consistency of doing it over and over is a problem."

GATOR CLAUSE: What's your longest drive?
TEBOW: "Oh, you know. Probably 360 or 365. Somewhere in there."

GATOR CLAUSE: What did you shoot today?
TEBOW: "I shot a 94 and my brother [Peter, a senior at UF], who was my partner, shot an 85."

GATOR CLAUSE: What was the format?
TEBOW: "We were playing two-person, low ball, low total. My brother beat me but we were on a team. But we still lost to my dad."

GATOR CLAUSE: Since we're on the golf theme, which is a better golf comedy: Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack?
Caddyshack_poster406pxhappygilmoreposterTEBOW: "I'm going to say Caddyshack is funnier to me. Well, I mean, I think Caddyshack is funnier to most people but what's funnier to me would be Happy Gilmore. It's more my style and it's a more recent movie. Caddyshack is a classic and I know most people would say that's one of the best movies ever but I have to go with Happy Gilmore. If I had to pick one to watch right now it would be Happy Gilmore."

GATOR CLAUSE: What was the most surreal conversation you had today with a celebrity?
TEBOW: "I was talking with Keith Jackson and I wanted him to say "Whoa, neelie!" but I held it in."

GATOR CLAUSE: Who do you want to sit next to at the ESPYs?
TEBOW: [Laughs...and then more laughs, as if blushing through the phone.] "I don't know. I don't really care. It has never been a huge goal of mine or anything. But obviously it's cool to see a lot of cool people. It's interesting and fun because you get to meet some people and build some relationships."

GATOR CLAUSE: Who did you meet?
TEBOW: "Eli Manning was cool. Keith Jackson. Ray Allen and some of the Celtics guys."

GATOR CLAUSE: The ESPY Awards thing is kind of gimmicky but it raises awareness for a good cause, cancer research. How has the disease affected the lives of people close to you?
TEBOW: "The Jimmy V Foundation does great work. Cancer affects everybody and it has definitely affected people close to me. It has affected my grandma, an uncle and several of my best friends' parents."

Tebow_3GATOR CLAUSE: Coach Meyer recently had a birthday. Did you get him anything?
TEBOW: "Maybe a pat on the back. No, I just got back from a mission trip. I got to wish him happy birthday but I didn't get him anything. I plan on getting him a few victories this year...hopefully...maybe."

GATOR CLAUSE: Where was this latest mission trip to?
TEBOW: "Thailand." (Tebow's older sister lives in Thialand.)

GATOR CLAUSE: Have you offered Coach Meyer to play safety yet?
TEBOW: [LAUGHS] "No, I haven't thrown that out there yet."

GATOR CLAUSE: Complete this sentence: Ahmad Black is a bit undersized but he can ...
TEBOW: "... make up for it with great athleticism, heart and skill at his position."

GATOR CLAUSE: What have you worked on the most this offseason?
TEBOW: "I've worked on everything but the main focus going into fall camp will be not always trying to make the big play and being content with taking the check down and always try to put my team in the best position possible and making great decisions play in and play out."



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