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Who's bigger in Gainesville; It might not be Tebow

GAINESVILLE -- So, the ribs went well. A bit too much salt in the rub, but other than that it was a great Fourth of July in Gainesville.

Speaking of Gainesville, I was watching a documentary on Tom Petty and Heartbreakers on the Sundance Channel last night and got to thinking. Is Tom Petty the biggest thing to come out of Gainesville or is Tim Tebow? For now, I'm going with Petty. Here's my short list of Gainesville's most famous products.

1. Gatorade
2. Tom Petty
3. Emmitt Smith
4. Steve Spurrier
5. Tim Tebow



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6. Sonny's BBQ
7. Faye Dunaway
8. River & Joaquin Phoenix (part-timers)
9. Skeeter's Big Biscuits
10. Bob Vila

11. Cafe Risque?

12. avery atkins
13. jamar hornsby
14. dee webb
15. marcus thomas
16. teddy dupay
17. taurean charles

OK, I'll play this game...
18. Ronnie Wilson
19. Ron Zook
20. ???


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