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BEING URBAN MEYER: Who gets a redshirt?

I should be in bed right now. It's 1:30 in the morning but I just can't take my eyes off the television. The Olympic race walkers just have that affect on me. So bizarre. Olga of Russia IS A BEAST! I'll have to check the official Olympic media guide, but I'm pretty sure this sport was invented at Bal Harbor (Miami Beach mall) but then later popularized at Sawgrass Mills (suburban Sunrise mall). I haven't seen this many manic Canadian walkers since last I went to Hollywood Beach ...

GAINESVILLE -- So, while I watch the Olympics and wonder how these ladies' hips don't pop out of joint from all the swishing, I'll raise an always-intriguing preseason question: Who gets a redshirt? This is a popular topic for both fans and reporters, so make sure to chime in with your comments. I'm interested to know what you guys think.

Last season, the Gators decided to redshirt nine scholarship freshmen. (Most notably: Chris Rainey, Deonte Thompson, John Brantley, John Brown and James Wilson.) Some people don't agree (one of those Internet guys who tried to convince me last week), but redshirting is still an important part of college football. Meyer likes to say that he doesn't ever plan to redshirt anyone. That's bologna. Especially this season, which features so many underclassmen at UF. Florida's roster includes 60 underclassmen (31 sophomores, nine redshirt freshmen and 20 true freshmen).

Like in 2007, a few talented players need to redshirt this season. If I was Meyer, here are the guys I'd redshirt this season:

--Brendan Beal, LB, An obvious redshirt. This guy recently tore his ACL.
--Jeremy Brown, CB, Battled back spasms throughout fall camp. He's not ready but has big-time potential.
--Adrian Bushell, DB, Didn't practice for the first week of the preseason.
--Earl Okine, DE, Plenty of defensive ends on the depth chart. Give him a year to develop.
--Omarius Hines, WR, One of the three freshmen receivers should redshirt.
--Sam Robey, OL, Plenty of young offensive linemen already on the depth chart.
--David Young, OL, Despite an excellent fall camp, could use a year of development.
--Omar Hunter, DT, John Brown of 2008? Does the addition of Ronnie Wilson make redshirting Hunter a possibility? I say yes.

--Janoris Jenkins, CB, Will play a significant role on special teams. A possibility at nickel and dime.
--Matt Patchan, DT, Give him about three more weeks and he'll be in the mix.
--Caleb Sturgis, K, I don't care what anyone says. This guy should start.
--Jeffrey Demps, ATH, Can't wait to see what he can do.
--William Green, DE, Special teams dynamo.
--Frankie Hammond Jr., WR, Still a redshirt possibility, Hammond Jr. has wowed coaches with his smarts.
--Will Hill, S, One play away from being a starter.
--T.J. Lawrence, WR, Special teams star.
--Lerentee McCray, LB, Special teams.
--T.J. Pridemore, FB, Special teams.



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I like your redshirt list: One comment, since Omar (The Playmaker) was so highly recruited I wondered if Urban promised him and his family that he would be on the field THIS season. He probably promised everything but his first born to get Omar to be a Gator

The DT position definitely needs to shore up. Everything we hear, including what you say, indicates that Hunter could have an impact this year. The addition of Wilson doesn't solve all the problems at DT. Play Hunter in 08. Isn't Hunter more highly regarded than Pathcan?

I understand that Hunter is supposed to be a great player. I'm just concerned that he might need a year off for his nagging back injury. That's all. Many athletes that arrive on campus with chronic injuries need special attention. Just look at Chris Rainey, James Wilson and John Brown.


ahh...the back. Hadn't considered that really. I thought he was healing steadily from that injury. At least that's what updates seem to indicate.

His back is getting stronger but he missed pretty much all of fall camp. That's bad for a freshman.


I think even though Hammond has by all accounts had a strong fall he will end up with a redshirt.


Would most likely all be trusted more by the coaches.

And on top of that, you have Rainey, Brandon James and Aaron Hernandez who will be catching passes as well.


Don't you know that as soon Urban says "this guy is going to see the field this week" is the kiss of playing time death and they never see the field (see Deonte Thompson last year).

Good call, Gumby. Even Deonte knew that was the kiss of death.

As for Frankie getting a redshirt, I personally agree and think that's the best situation for him. It will give him an extra year to develop and on top of that, he'll have a fifth year of college paid for in full. For Frankie, who will likely graduate in 3 1/2 years, that means free graduate school.


Definitely redshirt all of the offensive lineman and most of the defensive lineman. Getting them in the weight room for a year will pay huge dividends.

I like cheese

No promises are made other than the best players play!!!!!! That is all that it takes!!!

Congrats, Albert! Your parents must be so damn proud! Word.

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