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CAMP COUNTDOWN: Seven strengths in seven days...No.1: Experience, of course

Less than 24 hours until fall camp. Hope everyone enjoyed our CAMP COUNTDOWN. Posted below are individual links to the series...

1: And the No.1 team strength entering fall camp is ... experience.

GAINESVILLE -- Last season was more about learning than it was about winning for the Florida Gators. The team that won a national championship in 2006 and the team that returned for 2007 were entirely different. From Tim Tebow to Urban Meyer, everyone had something to learn. Experience came in different forms.

061201_meyer_hmed_5phmediumFor Meyer, 2007 was the first time he had ever been a third-year head coach with a team. There were signs of inexperience. A number of Gators were arrested in the offseason following the national championship. The experience led to some in-house changes this offseason, including the hiring of full-time player mentor Terry Jackson. Distractions were limited this offseason. (Jamar Hornsby was dismissed from the team but that was addition by subtraction. Just my opinion.)

For Tebow, 2007 was about learning how to lead. He cried after losing to Georgia. The quarterback displayed a much different emotion after the Michigan defeat. He was just plain angry and admitted that his team lacked focus leading up to the bowl game.

Brandon Spikes wasn't in top form last August when the 2007 fall camp began. The experience helped him prepare his body correctly this offseason. Now, UF strength coach Mickey Marotti says Spikes is one of the Gators' most physically fit players.

Ncf_g_haden2_195One of the Gators' starting cornerbacks was a true freshman last season and the other was still learning how to play football. As a result, Florida's secondary was the worst in the Southeastern Conference. Joe Haden [PICTURED] and Wondy Pierre-Louis begin this season as preseason all-SEC defenders.

Those are just a few examples of how the Gators begin fall camp on Monday with the experience needed to vie for a conference and national championship. All told, the Gators return 17 starters. Depth and team speed are two of the Gators' greatest team strengths this season but experience might be the most important.

"With guys leaving early now -- and our championship year we had four guys on defense leave as juniors; last year we lost Derrick Harvey as a junior -- I think the shift of leadership has to go from the young players," Meyer said. "That's a big point of discussion with our group, and already has been, that just because you're a senior, that's not entitlement. We had some issues a year ago that weren't very good for our outfit. (Tony Joiner/Kyle Jackson?) If you're a sophomore, you walk the walk, talk the talk, do everything the right way, then you're a leader."

OK, with the countdown done and fall camp set to begin. Let's have some fun and predict the two-deep depth chart for offense and defense.

LT: Phil Trautwein; Matt Patchan
LG: Jim Tartt; Carl Johnson
C: Maurkice Pouncey; Mike Pouncey
RG: Mike Pouncey; James Wilson
RT: Jason Watkins; Marcus Gilbert
TE: Cornelius Ingram; Aaron Hernandez
WR: Percy Harvin; Deonte Thompson
WR: Louis Murphy; Justin Williams
WR: Carl Moore; David Nelson
RB: Kestahn Moore; Emmanuel Moody
QB: Tim Tebow; Cameron Newton

DE: Jermaine Cunningham; Carlos Dunlap
DT: Javier Estopinan; Torrey Davis
DT: Terron Sanders; John Brown
DE: Justin Trattou; Duke Lemmens
SLB: A.J. Jones; Ryan Stamper
MLB: Brandon Spikes; Lorenzo Edwards
WLB: Dustin Doe; Brandon Hicks
SS: Ahmad Black; Will Hill
FS: Major Wright; Will Hill
CB: Joe Haden; Markihe Anderson
CB: Wondy Pierre-Louis; Jacques Rickerson

K: Caleb Sturgis; Jonathan Phillips
P: Chas Henry; Caleb Sturgis
PR: Brandon James; Chris Rainey
KR: Brandon James; Chris Rainey

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Free doughnuts!!!



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I thought Rainey would be at least 2nd string. Urban was raving about him this spring. 2nd string PR/KR ? I'm fine seeing BJ do all of that workload.

No mention of CB's Jo? Hmmmm. Is that a bad omen or is this position completely unsorted out?

Updated with cornerbacks. And don't worry about Rainey getting left out. The coaches will design plenty of plays to get him the ball either at running back or slot receiver.


Hey guys,

Help me out with a running bet with some of our fellow gator cohorts.
They claim Kerwin Bell was the sexiest gator to have set foot on campus.
I tend to fancy Tim Tebow. First, you can't beat his dreamy eyes, and that suggestive lisp he has when he does interviews.
Bell is much butch-like, but give me Tebow 7days a week, 52 weeks a year.
Take his shirt off, oil him down, and let him stroll with his jorts and sandals and see how folks will drool.
Add to this his dreamy and soft hands that gave the Phillipines a thrill this past spring, and what more can you ask of a man?
I would rank Tebow in my DreamTeam as follows:
1) Tim Tebow-nuff said
2) David Beckham-love the tats and the metro aura.
3) Alex Rodriguez-Who wouldn't?
4) Derek Jeter-dreamy
5) Joakim Noah-that flowing hair as he's running the court makes me ooze with passion.
6) Jason Taylor-quite a dancer!

I don't like the direction this is going, lol

Oh look the worldly imbecile with 30 different names threw up his standard K R A P . Go play with yourself Canesrule9'ships. MORON
All this guy does is make gay reference posts. Only way to explain it is that he's light in the loafers.

5-7 stool....5-7 Win the coastal division of the sorry ACC then check back Bucko.

This blog rocks. Keep up the good work, Jo. I can't wait for live updates from practice tomorrow. Oh, wait, I'm not waking up at 6 a.m. for nuthin!

Before I forget. Make sure to ask about Torrey Davis tomorrow. Also, don't you think Hunter will be at least second string?

And another thing. That Canes poser on this blog is an idiot.

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