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Coaches' poll released: Gators to start season at No.5; Rival Dawgs are No.1

GAINESVILLE -- The coaches' poll came out this morning. The Gators are ranked No.5. (For a link to my story in The Herald CLICK ME!)

If you're counting, that's four spots behind Georgia, the No.1 team in the land. This is the first time Georgia has ever started the season No.1 in the coaches' poll.

Three teams from the Southeastern Conference are ranked in the coaches' preseason top 10: Georgia (1), Florida (5) and LSU (6), the defending national champs. Auburn is ranked 11th. Tennessee is ranked 18th. South Florida is ranked 21st.

Here's a link to the whole USA Today/ESPN preseason coaches' poll. CLICK ME!



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Good for the Dawgs. Only one way to go from #1 and that is down. Don't get me wrong, I know they'll be great and have tons of talent but hopefully they'll keep looking at the rankings and hearing all the talk and become full of themselves. I think that with the combination of a hard schedule spells a couple of losses for the puppy dogs.

I'm with you, Rich. Let's just hope that both Georgia and Florida make it to Jacksonville undefeated. What a crazy scene that will be.


With UGA's road schedule and starting at #1, they have a tough road ahead of them. I think preseason #1 is a curse.

Actually, Rich... a #1 team can also go sideways.

And good luck with that defense this year... apparently Florida needs DTs pretty badly:


The dogs get a slight nod on defense but our offensive line will be twice as good as Georgia's! That, and the speed at wide receiver, will make the difference.

Why does the St. John's River flow north? Because Georgia sucks! The Gators are going to demolish the U and it will be a good tune up for the real games.

Get ready for the rise of the Gators. Georgia will have three loses by season's end.

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