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Coverboys: Tim Tebow and Nick Saban

Tebowcover_2GAINESVILLE -- Tim Tebow is on another magazine cover. This time it's Men's Fitness, September issue. Tebow says he posed for the cover to reach a different audience with his religious message.

Here are my thoughts on that. Good for him. So often this country's best athletes never take a stand about anything. Voicing their opinions would hurt their marketability, right? Tebow is using his fame for something meaningful to him that has nothing to do with money. (Not until he turns pro, at least.) That's commendable.

Speaking of money, Forbes will feature Alabama coach Nick Saban on its cover this Friday. You can read the article here. CLICK ME! Forbes' editors (experts that they are) declare Saban to be the most powerful coach in sports.

Note to Forbes: The most powerful coach in the state of Alabama is dead...And just wait until Saban loses to Auburn again.



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Wow! No backhanded compliments? LOL

I keed I keed!

Saban and Tebow. Two peas in a pod.

Both overrated, both lose

Don't embarrass Italians by inferring Saban and Tebow are similar please. Whatever team you represent, take your best linebacker one one one at the goal line, and let me know if Tebow scores...Geno Hayes may give you an idea of the outcome.

Go Gators!

Go Gators!

You're right. Instead I'll embarrass gators with one of their posters on the UM blog:

your TEAm sucks

your COACH reallly sucks

your NON-EXISTENT stadium sucks

your FAN BASE sucks

your CONFERENCE sucks

your PANSY schedule sucks

your non -existent DEPTH CHART SUCKS

your D-LINE really sucks


Posted by: Canestool | August 15, 2008 at 08:37 AM

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