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Demps at first-string punt return?

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GAINESVILLE -- Couldn't help but notice today after practice that freshman speedster Jeffrey Demps was taking extra reps as a punt-return specialist. Demps was the only player on the field as a jugs machine rocketed football into the sky. Demps dropped a couple.

Florida coach Urban Meyer said last week that Demps would be one of the freshmen to play this season.

Other notes from this afternoon's practice:
--Linebacker Lorenzo Edwards did not practice on Monday afternoon after limping of the field following Monday's morning session. Edwards appeared to have a friend or family member accompany him to Monday afternoon's closed-doors session.

--Percy Harvin didn't dress.



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hey dumbo, you seen me play?

I am first string punt returner, get a clue homey

James could have more responsibilities (running back) this season. Why not? We've seen what he's capable of for two seasons now. Meyer already said Demps would play. Where if not punt return?


If James isn't returning punts every single time, I will seriously question the coaching staff. You don't take the best returner in the nation off the field for an experiment with a Freshman. I would put Demps at Kickoff return (with James) because that is where speedsters thrive. Also, put him at wideout or RB. I hope doesn't get to "cute" and not let James take every return. Also, maybe let Demps return some when game is over, so you have a suitable back-up (i.e. mop-up duty), but not when we're playing a suitable opponenet or game is still on the line.

Was Lorenzo Edwards dressed out in pads or not-- that will be a sign of how serious the injury is

I have a feeling that Harvin is going to miss at least the first two games of the season.

Hey Jo, I strongly dislike it when "headlines" are presented with a "?" at the end. It's very FOX News in my opinion. Sure, it's just asking a question but it flirts with making the statement. It's just not a sound way to present information.


This is a blog. But, OK, I see your point.


The UAA didn't want reporters talking to Lorenzo after practice. He wasn't fully dressed out and his right leg was wrapped. Seemed like a sprain.



You dont have a clue? you are pretty stupid? I guess you just play this antagonistic game to spark interest? you do not cover the GATORS in an impartial way? your bias is very evident?


Are you asking me questions? I don't understand? Guess I'm stupid?


Apparently these guys want you to spit out some glossy homer stuff Jo. Beats me. An ACL tear is an ACL tear no matter how you describe it. Keep up the good work Jo.

I'm Ron Burgundy?

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