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EMAILS I GET: AJC says Florida Gators are most obnoxious fans in the SEC

GAINESVILLE -- This email comes to us from Alex Burgos. Thanks for the great email, Alex. (Alex's email in blue font. CLICK THE RED FONT BELOW for the link.)

Hey Joe:

As a diehard Gator alum and fan who was born and raised in Miami, I read your articles and blog on an almost daily basis. This story from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution caught my attention, so I wanted to pass it along.  What a surprise – an Atlanta reporter thinks the Gator Nation has the most obnoxious fans: Ranking Obnoxious SEC Football Fans

The Cocktail Party is going to be an absolute war this year.  I can’t wait. Go Gators!

Alex Burgos, UF ‘02

Sometimes the system uses the player and sometimes the player uses the system. Learn how Frankie Hammond Jr.'s path to Florida was anything but typical. This is a great read for parents of high school football players who might get discouraged by the phony hype perpetuated by Internet recruiting websites! To read my feature story on Florida freshman receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. CLICK ME!

Florida coach Urban Meyer is a great public speaker. He is also a realist and a smart man. He understands that his football players are professionals in many ways. On Wednesday, he recognized the difficult situation he faces as the University of Florida head football coach. During a civic luncheon at the Gainesville Hilton, Meyer explained to city leaders, UF faculty, university trustees and a few major football boosters that molding football players who are unprepared for college is a tough job. CLICK ME!



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I was expecting some insight into Meyer. That was a light read.

The Hammond story was a nice read. All the Goody haters will conveniently forget about that story the next time they need someone to hate on.

Funny thing, I list the Bulldogs as the #1 most obnoxious fans.

The Meyer thing was just part of yesterday's practice-rail section in The Miami Herald print edition. Each day reporters who cover UF, UM, FIU, FSU and FAU for The Herald write a short on daily events on their beat. (Just an FYI if you're wondering why it's so short.)


Actually the most obnoxious fans I've seen are from right up the road from Atlanta...

Some of the nicest fans I thought were in Tennessee. Just classy people when we went up for a UT-Fla game - they even let us shower and stuff in their dorms after a non-stop 24 hour road trip. Auburn fans were very nice too - as long as you hate Alabama (which I do), you're okay there!

You know the funny part is I have always said Gator fans are some of the most obnoxious people I have ever met. The last time I had to encounter one was at the 03-04 peach bowl. Even after UM beat UF the fans still had to be very obnoxious. That was up until last year when I lost a bet and had to attend a UGA home game. So I know first hand what Mark Bradley means when he said

"3. Georgia: Too many grown-up Bulldog fans continue to believe that a game cannot be properly enjoyed without consuming mass quantities of alcohol. A tip: Just because you’re going to watch college football doesn’t give you license to act like you’re still in college."

I honestly would have put UGA atleast second if not first in this list of obnoxious SEC fans. To be honest though I really can't stand either teams I wish both Florida and Georgia could lose in the cocktail party.

Here is mre class from one of your's

Wow, you guys are talking about special teams and who will be scUM's placekicker? LOL! You guys are in for a long season!

Posted by: Al | August 21, 2008 at 05:24 PM"

Is there one adult in your gator nation?

LSU fans by far

As a Gator alum, with a wife and son that are both Gators, I can understand their JEALOUSY!
By far the best University in the Country in many, many respects!


Based on my experiences, I have to agree with you. I've seen two games in Baton Rouge, once when I was a student reporter covering UAB (where I went to school) and last year for Florida at LSU.

Last year, I witnessed several LSU fans pick fights with Florida fans outside the stadium. I vividly remembering a senior citizen (Definitely someone's grandmother!) screaming "Tiger Bait! Tiger Bait! Tiger Bait! at every Florida fan who walked by. Most disturbing. Worse still, I was walking about 60 feet behind a group of Florida fans (co-eds) as I made my way through the tailgaters to Tigers Stadium and the Florida fans, who were wearing orange and blue sun dresses, got beer tossed on them from drunk frat guys. I had to run up and tell the morons to "'BLANK' off before I go get the cops!"

--Chalk it up to the heated SEC rivalry between LSU and Florida, right? WRONG! LSU fans are just a nasty bunch no matter the opponent ... even little ol' UAB, one of the worse college football teams in the history of the sport.

I witnessed a similar situation when I was in college working for the UAB student newspaper. UAB played at LSU for the Tigers' homecoming. This was Saban's first year at LSU and before Miami native Rohan Davey was elevated to first-string quarterback over the Josh Booty (The oldest of the Booty boys. He was terrible at LSU). You can imagine how few UAB fans traveled to this game. We're talking 1,000 fans tops. Before that game, I was looking for any UAB fans I could find outside Tigers Stadium for a little sidebar story or maybe a note for a notebook. I spotted this 70-year-old UAB fan and his wife walking into the stadium and approached them. Just before I introduced myself as a reporter from the UAB student newspaper, some drunk LSU fan with (no lie) a long red beard, began threatening the elderly couple. The LSU fan told the 70-something UAB fan that he was going to "gut him with his hunting knife." This is right outside Tigers Stadium, mind you. The LSU fan was tailgating from his old beat-up truck and, literally, appeared to have brought his dinning room furniture to the game. He and his friends were sitting in old oak chairs around a matching oak table. Surreal, to say the least.

So, based on my experiences, my vote would have to go to LSU for the most obnoxious fans.

UAB won that game, by the way.


LSU fans seem to love to piss and spit on objects (cars) that belong to opposing fans

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