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Emails I get: Goodman, you're a D'bag!

Per Gator Clause custom: If I get a quality email, then I post it for everyone to read...

GAINESVILLE -- This email comes to us from E. Ross Weinstein of origins unknown. Weinstein's email in blue font:

BODY TEXT: I think not.  I guess it is more important to use your position as a writer for a major newspaper to try to get kids in trouble than it is to be concerned with them trying to get their lives in order.  I know that rivalries get everyone going, and I also know that you likely probably grew up in a pretty stable upper middle class household and had most things handed to you, but take a step back and try to have some compassion.  You are trying to ruin a kids life simply because he is on a team that you do not root for.  Yes, Ron Wilson has made some mistakes in his life, but regardless of what you think of Coach Meyer and the Gators, they are giving this guy a chance because they don't want him to wind up like Atkins.  Some people need second and third chances in life, and maybe he [messes] up again, but as a reporter, and more so as a human being you should not let your homerism effect what stories you choose to report on, and intentionally go out of your way in a smug manner about serious issues just because you have the forum to do so.  These are kids and they are still learning from their mistakes.  Think about it before you decide to put your stamp on their lives.

Best regards,

E. Ross Weinstein

This next email comes to us from Joe Norsworthy of Coral Gables. Norsworthy's email in blue font:

SUBJECT FIELD: Ronnie Wilson
BODY TEXT: I am going to split hairs for a moment with you. Ronnie Wilson has not been found to violate any laws since he has been on probation.  He was arrested, but no charges were filed against him.

You may consider it lucky that he did not have charges filed against him, and there is no way to prove such an opinion right or wrong.  I do not believe it is fair, however, for you to consider him lucky because he “violated his probation” but was not caught.  That simply is not the case.

Sincere regards,

Joe Norsworthy
Coral Gables



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Hang in there, Goody. You didn't do anything wrong. Some people are willing to excuse anything just to further the chances of their CFB team.

You don't have to be a homer to have a difference of opinion.. There are many of us die hard Gator Fans (including myself) who do not agree with Coach Meyer's reinstatement of Wilson.

Guys, there's not a squeeky program in America that has not experienced this same problem. If we were all fired or kicked out of school for a mistake or two, unemployment would really be higher and the world will be a lot dumber. I admire his fighting spirit.

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