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BREAKING NEWS: Florida closes its practice doors suddenly

GAINESVILLE -- If you're driving to Gainesville today to catch a glimpse of your favorite Gator, then STOP! Turn around and go home! Save your gas!

At 12:36 p.m. today, Florida released a statement alerting members of the media that the Gators are closing their practice doors today and tomorrow. Fans and reporters will be turned away at the door. This is not a joke, by the way. Don't show up at the UF practice football field today if you want to watch your favorite team. Do show up, however, if you just want Tebow to sign an autograph so you can go and sell it on ebay. You can stand outside the practice gates just like everyone else.

Florida gave little explanation for why it suddenly closed practice. On Wednesday, UF coach Urban Meyer clearly was not happy with practice. Florida practiced for an hour longer than scheduled and then ran sprints after that. Afterwards, Meyer said he was unhappy and that his players lacked focus.

Originally, practices were open to all until Saturday, when Florida moves its practice operation to the UVS practice field, a more easily shrouded facility. The real work -- two-a-days -- begins on Saturday.

Closing practice will be a major letdown for fans. Last year, the final open practice (Friday night) was so popular that Florida had to turn people away at the gates.

We can only speculate why UF coach Urban Meyer decided to shut the doors. I blame the Internet! No, just kidding. The atmosphere around the practice field on Wednesday was a distraction, according to a Florida spokesman.



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I wouldn't mind a little logical speculation. Let loose.

ie. blame Joseph Goodman


I just updated the post.


Damn you, Goody! This is all your fault for not blindly repeating the company line on Florida '08 football.

"The defense was just young. The defense was just young. The defense was just young..."

The defense was just young. Damn lemmings!


Still nothing on CI? Getting hard to be optimistic...

torn ACL seems pretty official at this point

That really sucks. If there were two guys that "deserved" to stay healthy this year, they were Estopinian and CI. I hate seeing a guy make the right decision (to stay an extra year instead of going for the money) and get burnt for it.

I'm happy that Meyer closed practice. If the team was distracted he needs to do something.. I'm sure some Gator fans are mad but they would be more mad at extra loses. I trust Meyer so if he closes the practice then so be it.


Just to let everyone know. I've been calling CI's mom and brother today but not getting any answer. (Don't worry. I'm not bugging them to death. Just doing my job.) As you all know, the Ingram's live in Hawthorne, which is about 10 minutes east of Gainesville. So, CI is a hometown hero. The Ingrams are a great family and -- it goes without saying -- that CI is (as we say in the South) good people.


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