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Florida is a 34-point favorite to beat Hawaii; Check out the official game notes

GAINESVILLE -- Florida released pregame notes today for the Gators' season opener against Hawaii. It's filled with plenty of interesting numbers. (CLICK ME! for a portion of the official game notes. Print that sucker out and study it next week when you're supposed to be working!) It lacks one important figure, though. According to a few online sports books, Florida is a 34-point favorite to beat Hawaii.

Florida also didn't release a depth chart despite UF coach Urban Meyer telling reporters last week that the starting line-up was set. I put together a depth chart last week. Here are the links:


Hawaii played in a BCS game last season, so why such a big point spread? Consider this: Hawaii has a new head coach; Hawaii is replacing the best quarterback in school history; Hawaii is playing thousands of miles from home. It will be 6:30 a.m. Hawaii time at kickoff on Aug. 30. Not to mention, Hawaii will have been on the road for a week. The Warriors are arriving two days ahead of schedule next week to acclimate and practice.

So, basically, the season opener is a preseason game for Florida and the Gators should already be scheming for Miami. Florida will probably only be a 14-point favorite against the Canes. Here's hoping Hawaii's players treat fans inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to their pregame "haka," the Warriors' version of a traditional Maori war dance. It will be the most exciting part of the day.



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C'mon Jo. A 14 point favorite over Miami? It'll be at least 21 or maybe even "OFF". That team down south got nuthin.

14 is a big number for a rivalry game. 21, Wow!

Depending how the opening games go, I bet Florida is a 12 point or so favorite vs. scUM.

right now at Sportsbook.com the line on the Miami game is -17.5

It's okay for Vegas to lay odds on the FL vs. UM game, but those of us who have been lifelong fans know and understand odds don't mean a thing when it comes to inner-state rivalries in Florida.

Miami should be the favorite! When was the last time the Gators beat Miami? Even when your the favorite U still lose.

Miami 28 Gators 17


Gotta think that number will go lower once the game gets closer, no?


The line started at 18.5, so it is already moving a little. something between 14 and 17 is about right.

I think night time in the swamp will have a big factor on a team as inexperienced as Miami will be.

Of course if UF plays a closer game than expected against Hawaii, which i dont expect, i could see the spread getting as low as 10.

Note to TXCane: I guess they don't even teach spelling any more at the "U" (which, by the way is also a ridiculous logo but at least you can spell "U").
You wrote:
"...Even when your the favorite U still lose..." I assume you meant "YOU ARE" the favorite which contracts to "YOU'RE".
Stay on your own site at least until you can spell!

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