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GET WELL CARD: Gator fans, Tell C.I. how much he means to you!

This great idea is brought to us by Rico, loyal poster and proud Gators fan living in Tampa ... (Thanks for the great idea, Rico!)

GAINESVILLE -- This blog post will be printed out in one week and given to Cornelius Ingram. It's a get-well-soon card and a chance to tell Cornelius what he means to us both as a football player and as a person. You don't even have to be a Gator fan to send him a message. C.I. was THAT important -- and still is that important -- to college football. When others jumped for the NFL, Ingram stayed in school to get his degree and dedicate another year of unpaid service to the game. Don't disappoint me, folks. I'll go first...


My heart took a big hit when I heard the news of your injury today. I have always respected you as an amazing football player but mostly as a great individual. You have a great family and you represent them well. I can speak confidently for sports reporters throughout the Southeast and all over the country when I say that the sporting nation shed a collective tear today while we were writing the sad news. You're one of the good guys and I'll be rooting for you in the NFL! Get well soon and kick  some butt during rehab!


Joseph Goodman
The Miami Herald
UF beat writer


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Not only do I feel awful for you as a loyal Gator alumnus and fan, but it also hurts to see something like this happen to such a good person. I followed your story last year as you contemplated leaving for the NFL and I was very happy to see you return for a title run in 2008. I feel for you and wish you all the best. However, like they always say, everything happens for a reason and I am sure you will enjoy a very bright future. Whether you decide to return for another year at the greatest University on the planet (you know you want to!) or turn pro, you will always be a Florida Gator. Get that diploma and display it with pride!

Best wishes,

R. McNeal
Class of 2000


Keep your chin up. You are a great football player and many say that you are even a greater person. I don't know you and you don't know me, but I hate that this has to happen to a young man like yourself. I know you are going to get through this like the champ that you are. Whatever you decide to do don't get down on yourself, just use this to get stronger, mentally and physically. Good luck in the NFL!

Take care and God bless.

Your bud,


Keep your head up. The road ahead may have many challenges but God never puts on you more then you can bear.


I think I speak for all of gator nation when I say that we are proud of you. Many of us take great pride in knowing that people like yourself represent the University of Florida. Keep your head up and I wish you a full and speedy recovery.


CI -

All Gator fans deeply appreciate your contributions to the team over the years and your dedication in returning for your senior season. While your setback must be very discouraging, we all know you will bounce back from this and have a very successful NFL career. You have all our best wishes during your recovery and rehab.


The Gator Nation thanks you for all you have done, on and off the field. You truly exemplify everything great about being a Gator and a role model that the University, faculty, student body, alumni, coaches, and fans have placed on you. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching you play football at the University of Florida and look forward to many great years of watching you blaze your trail of success in the NFL. Thanks again for all the memories!

Go Gators!

Mr. Ingram:

The Gator Nation is hurting for you, and praying for a full and speedy recovery. I am proud to have you represent our great University- you have my admiration, respect, and best wishes. I know things are tough right now, but your future is bright, on and off the field.


Matt Jackson
BA, Class of 1998
JD, class of 2001

Dear Mr. Ingram,

While getting cranked up for this season I've yelled your name 50 times in excitement for the upcoming fun. Here's what it often sounds like in my house," CI BABY.....CI !!!" I'll truly miss watching you in 08 as I often watch just you during plays. I love your style man. Even though this season will seem like an eternity, you'll come out the other end a better and stronger man. Attack your rehab. Never take a day off from your rehab...never. You will excel. You are an excellent example for all football players to follow.

Get well C.I. I was really looking forward to watching you play and contend for a championship this season. The Gator Nation is proud to have you and we're rooting for you in your recovery.


It is sometimes hard for people to get a true perspective of how they are personally viewed. As Joseph said, it wasn't just the Gator Nation that was upset by the news when it hit. FSU fans, Georgia fans, etc - it didn't matter. That is a testament not only to the respect everyone has for what you bring to the field, but also for the type of person you are.

That's why I'm confident you will push through this and go on to a successful NFL career and a successful life - always a Gator.

We love ya man. Prayers from all over coming your way.

Doug Shedd
UF 96


I'm just a Gator fan and a CI fan. I really feel for you dude. I think you did the right thing coming back for your senior season and finishing your degree. Like some of the previous posts noted, God has a way of making us better. Have faith and keep charging. Get well and good luck, I know you will achieve whatever goals you set.

Nick G.
Keystone Heights


Gator fans everywhere are behind you, and wishing you the best. From everything I hear, your team mates really look up to you, love you and respect you. That kind of leadership is rare, so I know you'll have a great future on Sundays and beyond.

I look forward to seeing you come back stronger than ever.


We are all rooting for you. Good luck with surgery and a speedy recovery. You are in our prayers.

Ryan K

It's heartbreaking for something like this to happen to such a great person like yourself. Just know that you've got your teammates and the rest of the Gator Nation behind you, rooting for you to come back better than ever. Just keep looking toward that light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck in your rehab and recovery.

David Tichenor
UF, Class of 2007

All of the people I know here in Colorado are praying for you (including Buffs fans). We love you out here CI. You are going to get better and you are going to inspire many people doing it. Stay positive and see you on Sundays.


From your first days on campus and even with the Basketball team all my friends and I referred to you as "Big Pipes" (due to your enormous arms). My friends and I would be constantly yelling at the TV "JUST THROW THE BALL TO BIG PIPES!!" You are my wife's favorite player and always have been, and we really both hope that you recover fully and as soon as possible. We are proud to have you as a Gator,

Mark and Colleen Spitzig
Class of 2007, 2006

CI, You're the man, thanks for being a great GATOR. Good luck with the rehab and we all pray that things work out for you.

Cornelius, it's been a pleasure reading about your career at Florida. It hurts to read about your injury. The persistence that you've shown during your career here will be a big asset to you during rehab. Keep your head up and your heart into it. You deserve to get the rewards of your patience and endurance. God Bless you and thanks for being a GREAT example of what a PLAYER CAN BE.


I hated to hear about the injury. I can not even think how sick I was to hear the news. Coming back for your SR season was a great point in my life. I would like to say Thank You for your time at UF. Whatever happens in the future, I will always pull for the team you are on! Get well soon and good luck in the future!!


My heart truly sank when I heard this news. Selfishly, the team will miss your dynamic presence and how much you'd help on the national title run. But, I've been there. I have torn my ACL twice, the second ended my football career in college. I felt helpless, hopeless, etc. However, I can truly say that God got me through it and I was truly a better and stronger person after dealing with that bump in the road. Rehab isn't fun, but give it your all... as if it were a practice w/ Urban watching over you. I have no doubt given the amazing athlete you are that you will dominate in the NFL, but what has impressed me the most over the last 4 years of watching you at UF is that you are truly a great human being. God bless you bro. Don't let this get you too down, go and support the team... your presence will truthfully help more than words ever could.

Always a Gator,

Dear CI,
I am currently in Afghanistan and just found out about your injury. I just want you to know how much you mean to all of us over here. I'm not the only Gator fan on my base and we are all praying for you. You will always be my favorite TE to play at UF and hope you do well for yourself on the next level. We as fans will always be here for you. I know it must be hard for you right now, but soon you will be doing what makes you happy again and the Gator Nation will be there with you.


Hate to hear this news. Your decision to come back was the right one. It will all workout. Thanks for being a great person, a great gator and a great player. Even though you wont be on the field, I know you will continue to be a great leader for the team. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

Go Gators,


I'm sorry you won't be able to be on the field for your senior season. You are a great Gator, and I can't wait to see you catching passes on Sundays.

Good luck with the surgery and rehab. You will be missed this year. I am a student at UF but I live in Keystone Heights so I have followed your career closely. If you ever want to go fishing Keystone is only 15 minutes up the road. Good Luck.

First off, this is a difficult challenge but one I'm sure you'll overcome. You are a great person and a great player. I'll miss not seeing you on the field this season but I know behind the scenes you'll be helping the players out any way you can.

Keep your chin up, you have a SEC Championship ring, a NCAA National Championship ring and a bright future in the NFL. Life is good for CI, it's just a little more complicated right now but it will all be better soon for you. We're all thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery.



You are a great player, gator, and role model. I still remember briefly talking to you outside the Cick-fil-a on campus one day. Im sure you dont remember, but it made my day!! Its the little things you do on and off the field that make you an all-time gator great! Best of luck in your recovery.

God Bless,

Thomas Riedl
Class of 2006

Cornelius, You are in my thoughts and prayers. God willing, the Gator Nation has not seen you play your last play for the Gators. Stay strong and know that everything you have worked so hard for is still within reach.

God Bless
Diane B


Your loyalty, hard work, and dedication make the entire Gator Nation proud. Get well soon, and know that Gators far and wide are awaiting another chance to see you suit up in orange and blue.

Laurie D.
Class of 2001

Act like rehab is your football season and blow the rehab staff away. Your future is bright and talented....the more you do NOW will allow a meaningful future. The GATOR NATION loves you now as much as ever...you are dedicated and strong and it shows!!!!!


Wow, I cannot begin to understand your thoughts right now. Just KNOW this, Gator Nation is behind you and will continue to be. You will excel at the next level, that I have no doubt.
Good luck with your rehab.

Scott Powell


It must be odd to read the heartfelt thoughts of people you don't know personally. I can only speak for myself when I say that, from the distance of my world as a fan of Florida football, watching you evolve as both a player and a man has been one of the greatest pleasures in my time as a Florida Gator. For that, I want to first of all THANK YOU for consistently representing yourself, your family and the University of Florida with nothing but class, heart and grace. It's these very same attributes you've displayed throughout your time at UF that leave me know doubt you'll pull through this tough time and come out a stronger, better man.

Handle yourself as you always have -- more pointedly, meet this challenge as you've met those in the past -- and you'll be fine, young man.

Know that we're all pulling for you. Better still: know that we're all pulling WITH YOU.

Much peace,

-Barry Jenkins

Edgerrin James, Kellen Winslow, Willis McGehee...they all recovered from knee injuries, you can too. Good luck!

My prayers are with you and your family during this tough time. I am a Georgia Bulldog fan and have admired your skill and wonderful attidude these past years. You have set a great example for all college atheletes. I know I will be watching you on Sundays in the near future.

Best Wishes,

A Bulldog


You are on my favorite Gator players ever. I love that you are a homegrown Gator and you had the dedication to return to the Gators for your senior year. All Gator fans should consider it an honor to have had such a great person play for the orange and blue. I wish you the best of luck as you prepare to realize your dreams in the NFL.

Congratulations in advance on being a graduate of the University of Florida, its a great honor that nobody can ever take away from you.



My family and I will all be praying for you to have a successful and speedy recovery. We will miss seeing you light it up for the Orange and Blue this season. Get better and show those NFL scouts what a beast you are!


I enjoyed watching you play football for the Gators and I look forward to seeing you in the NFL. I remember seeing you after last year's FSU game and I said to myself, "That guy is going pro this year." When I heard the news that you were staying I was out of my mind excited.

Things happen for a reason and some day you will look back and see why this happened. In the mean time get well, rehab hard and get your ass into the NFL.

Good Luck



You are an awesome player, and the Gator Nation loves you! You will get better, stronger and then kick butt in the NFL. When you do, the Gator Nation will be there, cheering you on!


My heart goes out to you and your family. You have meant so much to the Gator Nation both on and off the field. You will put a smile on all of our faces when we see you on the field in the NFL. God Bless,

Todd Dianis


I was pretty upset when I heard of your injury and that your career at UF was probably over. Just keep your head up as some others said stuff happens for a reason and I am sure you will be playing and playing well on Sundays. You are of a rare breed that would choose to forgo millions to help out your team. You really are the FACE OF FLORIDA FOOTBALL. I hope your surgery goes well. I know you will still have a positive outcome on this team as you are one of the biggest leaders and the rest of the team especially the younger guys look up to you. You need to show them how to do the right things on and off the field. Stay strong and keep bleeding orange and blue. Good luck to you in every thing you do in the future. I'll keep you in my thoughts man.

Your friend,

Justin W.
UF Grad 08


Good luck with your recovery.

Don't worry a moment about your future. You've already proven yourself. It's time now to rest and get well, graduate, and get ready for your NFL career and beyond. The whole nation is cheering you on for a speedy and complete recovery.

Get well soon CI. I hope you come back for another year at FL, but we'll wish you luck in the NFL if you go to the draft. Hope the Broncos will draft you.

Keep your head up C.I. everything will work it self out. Good luck to you in the future regardless if it's in the NFL or @ UF next year, either way you are going to shine.


My condolences to you on your injury. You are an excellent player with a bright future, and I am sure you will recover from this, and fulfill all of your promise at the next level. I'll be pulling for you.

"Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it."

God Bless,

Darrick Taylor
Ph.D Candidate, History
University of Kansas
UF Alumnus, Class of 2000

Couldn't wait to see you play this year. Now I can't wait to see you play in the NFL. You're going to make a great NFL tightend. Good luck with your future!


Stay Strong, Keep the Faith. You are a SPECIAL YOUNG MAN. We will keep you in our Prayers.
I know it's tough(been there,done that).
Take your time to heal. You will do well at the next level.

DR. AJ Murphy

Hey C.I. I've enjoyed everything about your career. In high school I used to go to see you play basketball and dunk like you were a hybrid Kobe Bryant/Lebron James.

In college I'm glad Vernell Brown and all those guys convinced you to stay. Yeah sure,-we all know what a great person you are. Bottom line to me is you are a rare athletic specimen. Universal Soldier,-you're Universal football player. I hope you go to the Jaguars. It will help them sell more tickets, you'll be close to home, and you can play in the sunshine state.T double D-"Good weather is better for a goodfella."
If the Jags will invest all of that time on Matt Jones,-they'll have you doin it Antonio Gates style in no time. I expect to be picking you up on my fantasy football team one day.

Thanks C.I. Your are loved and respected.

Spurrier quoted someone awhile back and said:-"In this world there are winners, losers, and champions."

You're a champion.


Shawn K Hicks
Gainesville-the real titletown...


I have been a gator fan for as long as i can remember and i cant seem to think of a player who i loved to watch more than you. I was so excited to see you come back for your senior year because i feel you did the right thing. Although you had a bad break tearing your acl nothing is out of reach for someone with your talent and outstanding personality. Keep using that unbeleivable work ethic of your and rehab like crazy. You still have a great shot of getting drafted just train hard. I speak for all gator fans when i say that we are all pulling for you and it was a pleasure watching you play during your time at the University of Florida

yonatan naymark

Wish you the best. You are a great player and as a gator die hard fan we are gonna miss you.


You hang in there!
Great things happen to great people, and you are the best!
I look forward to the near future, when I can jump out of my seat again to applaud and scream your name; GO CI!
Focus on being well.
We are all wishing you a speedy recovery!

UF Alumnus

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