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GET WELL CARD: Gator fans, Tell C.I. how much he means to you!

This great idea is brought to us by Rico, loyal poster and proud Gators fan living in Tampa ... (Thanks for the great idea, Rico!)

GAINESVILLE -- This blog post will be printed out in one week and given to Cornelius Ingram. It's a get-well-soon card and a chance to tell Cornelius what he means to us both as a football player and as a person. You don't even have to be a Gator fan to send him a message. C.I. was THAT important -- and still is that important -- to college football. When others jumped for the NFL, Ingram stayed in school to get his degree and dedicate another year of unpaid service to the game. Don't disappoint me, folks. I'll go first...


My heart took a big hit when I heard the news of your injury today. I have always respected you as an amazing football player but mostly as a great individual. You have a great family and you represent them well. I can speak confidently for sports reporters throughout the Southeast and all over the country when I say that the sporting nation shed a collective tear today while we were writing the sad news. You're one of the good guys and I'll be rooting for you in the NFL! Get well soon and kick  some butt during rehab!


Joseph Goodman
The Miami Herald
UF beat writer


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