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Hippies rejoice the monumental story of Ronnie Wilson

POT HEADS TAKE NOTICE. In Gainesville there is a prosecuting attorney with a forgiving heart...CLICK ME! to find out why Ronnie Wilson didn't violate his probation when he was busted for marijuana.

GAINESVILLE -- This town of tazers in north-central Florida was once called the Berkeley of the South. I think that old reputation might be making a comeback. At least one state prosecutor is a softy when it comes to misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

According to the state attorney's office, the state's marijuana possession case against Ronnie Wilson was dropped because the prosecuting attorney didn't want to violate Wilson's probation with a "weak case." You read that correctly, folks. They knew and did nothing. 

Hippies1This is cutting edge stuff, people. If you can't legalize the use of marijuana, then do the next best thing, dismiss the cases. Jerry Garcia is singing in his grave. The UF admissions office should expect an influx of hippie transfers [PICTURED AND CHEERING THE MONUMENTAL WILSON CASE] from Appalachian State. Maybe the music festival Bonnaroo will relocate from Manchester, Tenn., to Gainesville. We can throw the whole big party the weekend of Florida-LSU!

The reason Wilson's case was dropped? Well, I got two reasons from the state attorney's office. A spokesman for the state told me that it was tough to prove "constructive possession" in many drug possession cases. So, the case was dropped despite Wilson being on probation for a 2007 arrest. (The nightclub battery/gun thing.)

The other reason the state gave? There was an understanding that the University of Florida was going to take over the case and impose disciplinary action. That's classic, right? Now, it's important to remember one little detail here. The school suspended Wilson from campus because of the nightclub battery/gun thing. Clean up your act and we'll give you another shot at higher education (and maybe football). Wilson was pinched for pot on Jan. 6. He began his fresh start at UF on Jan. 7, the first day of classes.

Peace and love, dudes. It's just good karma.



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Top 1% of 1%.

Cases get dismissed all the time on constructive possession issues. If there are other people in the car and the marijuana isn't near the driver, it is virtually impossible to prove possession. There have probably been 100 cases dismissed in Miami this year for the same reason. I know you are looking for a big "investigative reporting score" -- too bad for you, I don't think this is it.

Wasn't Wilson trying to make a comeback with the team at the time and was instead kicked off again? That sure sounds like punishment to me. He went to school after that not only on his own dime, but without any affiliation with the football program. The fact he went through the spring and summer with a heavy course load and no other problems enabled him to earn a chance to try again as a walk-on now.

And do you even know what the word "constructive" means in a legal context? It means, "not in fact." "Constructive possession" means he didn't actually have the substance in his possession, but that the law would allow an inference that he had control over it. Those cases are tough for a reason.

And I'm still waiting for you to respond to the fact it wasn't an AK-47 he fired into the air, which is a 7.62mm assault rifle, but rather a mere RPK-22, a .22 caliber training rifle.


The police report didn't mention any other passengers in the car and, just to double check, I asked the state attorney's office if anyone else was in the car. The answer: No.


I love you, dude. Seriously, it's man love between you and me at this point. I'm just going to start calling you AK.


I am all for fair reporting of all things having to do with the Gators, I never think that we should look at things with orange and blue glasses. However, it really seems that you somehow find a way to make a negative comment in every story. Why is that necessary? If there is any way to take something in a negative way then that's what you focus on. No one outside of the coaches knows every detail of this story or the motivation for letting Wilson back on the team. I can just about guarantee you that it is not because of the position he plays. If that were the case then Meyer would be calling Hornsby up as we speak. Safety is a MUCH bigger need than D-line. We have 10 scholarship tackles on the roster and 3 healthy scholarship safeties.

I also wonder why you feel the need to personally go after Ron Wilson. You are a reporter, not a cop. It's one thing to report things that you disagree with, that is your job. However, to call the state attorney's office to basically try and turn him in is quite simply ridiculous and vindictive. Thousands of cases are handled this way every week in this country. I'm not saying that it's right but it is definitely not an exception to the rule. If you have a problem with how these things are handled why don't you make a legitimate effort to do something about it, like lobbying Tallahassee to tighten up the laws, instead of focusing on a kid who screwed up. We all know that Wilson screwed up but if Coach Meyer thinks that he is working his butt of and deserves another chance then I'm all for it. He knows much more about the situation than either of us do.

I'm sure you've seen this video, this is why I have a ton of respect for Coach Meyer's attitude about his players. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ljY-IV_g7o


You wrote: "I can just about guarantee you that it is not because of the position he plays."

I originally posted my PERSONAL opinion on the matter yesterday. All that you said about Meyer, I basically said the same thing.


So why do you continue to write purposefully inflammatory articles and blogs on the subject? (Hippies??? Come on, what other purpose could that have except to make Wilson and Meyer look as bad as possible?) You could always simply state the facts without adding all of the other stuff.

Why call the state attorney and try to get the guy's probation violated? Did you do that for the 1000 other guys who were treated the same way by the state?


You can call me AK all you want, but I wish you'd stop referring to an AK when you write about Wilson, because what he fired wasn't one.

And regarding man-love--sorry, I'm not into guys. But I respect your lifestyle choice. Your parents may not understand, but I do.


ole urban is going to drive uf football into the ground and i for one will be laughing my tail off.

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