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Hoops schedule released: It's WEAK ... so far

GAINESVILLE -- Florida released the men's basketball team's tentative schedule for next season. In short, it's weak.

So far, the only major non-conference opponents the Gators play next season are Florida State and N.C. State. Florida plays Missouri-Kansas City on Nov. 30 in Orlando. The Gators take on Central Florida in Jacksonville on Dec. 20. There are four dates still to be announced so hopefully there's at least one exciting match-up mixed in there.

Luckily for South Florida Gators' fans, Florida visits Broward County as part of the Orange Bowl Classic on Dec. 28 and takes on Winthrop. That appears to be the best non-conference game of the schedule so far. Winthrop second-year coach Randy Peele led the Eagles to the NCAA Tournament last season.

The Gators return four starters but must replace Mo Speights, the 6-10 sophomore center who left school early for the NBA. Is anyone out there excited about any of these games? The biggest home games appear to be Georgia (Jan.28), Vandy (Feb.21), Tennessee (March 1) and Kentucky (March 7).

For a look at the tentative schedule, CLICK ME!



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very weak indeed. who is set to replace Speights anyway? i pray one of the big new recruits is decent because Parsons and that Adam Allan/Allan Adam (whatever) kid are awful! and don't get me started on Tyus...ugh.


Florida has two newcomers at the post Eloy Vargas and Kenny Kadji. I've never seen Kadji play but I covered Vargas in high school his junior season before I moved to Gainesville. Vargas was rail thin when I saw him play and his game reminded me of a European. (A lot like Mo Speights, now that I think about it.)

I actually like Alex Tyus. Why don't you like him? No game?


The new recruits are more than decent that is why that punk Speights left because he knew the studs coming in would cut down on his playing time. Richie what is wrong with you the kids that you are being critical on were freshman, any other school they would not have been forced into extended playing minutes so early, they will be fine. Not sure if you remember but we kind of lost our top 6 players, 5 to the NBA

In the final two rounds of the Auto Parts Classic, it is my understanding that they could have matchups with Washington, Syracuse, and/or Kansas. Those would be some pretty nice out of conference games.

Actually, here is something I read about the tourney they are playing in:

"Then the host schools will automatically advance to the Sprint Center in Kansas City regardless of the results in the opening rounds. The current expectation is that the Nov. 24 semifinals will pair UW against Kansas, and Florida against Syracuse."

So it looks like they will play Syracuse and, depending on the outcome, either Kansas or Washington. Makes the schedule a little sweeter than at first glance.


Thanks for the great info! Games against Syracuse and possibly Kansas would be great additions to the schedule.


Why Mo gotta be a punk? He got paid, right?


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