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LOUIS MURPHY: 'Nobody can be C.I.'

GAINESVILLE -- The loss of Cornelius Ingram can be overstated. Not only did the Gators lose one of the best tight ends in the nation, the team is now without a leader perhaps more respected among his peers than even quarterback Tim Tebow.

"It hurts really bad," Louis Murphy said. "My heart really goes out to him and his family. I'm going to dedicate this season to him and (Dorian Munroe)."

The Gators might have plenty of skill position players to make up for the loss of Ingram but Murphy said on Thursday that nobody can replace Ingram's role on the team.

"It's going to hurt a lot losing his leadership and hard work, and I don't mean just not playing out there with him -- when he goes hard, everybody else goes hard," Murphy said. "Nobody can be CI, but we have other players that can step up and make plays. There's not going to be another CI. He's still going to be successful in life and he's still going to get drafted."

Many of you are probably wondering who is going to replace Ingram's offensive production in the line-up. I was wondering the same thing after practice, so I interviewed sophomore tight end Aaron Hernandez and JUCO transfer Carl Moore.

Hernandez is the obvious answer to Ingram's injury. The sophomore told me that he wasn't nearly as good as Hernandez yet but that he was going to work extra hard to be a viable replacement.

Moore, the transfer, said on Thursday that he is practicing with the first-offense at the inside-receiver position. That's any interesting development.

--Adrian Bushell practiced today. That's good news for the Gators. Bushell, a defensive back, was awaiting the OK form the NCAA Clearinghouse.

--Chris Rainey (groin) sat out again.

--True freshman Jeffrey Demps practiced today after his leg cramps on Wednesday. Demps is impressing coaches every day and Meyer said that Demps will see playing time this season.

--Omar Hunter will go full speed tomorrow, according to Meyer. Hunter was recovering from a nagging back injury and not allowed to participate in contact drills.




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"Personally, this breaks my heart"


Just hope it all ends up being for the better in the end. Gotta hope the NCAA will grant him that waiver, though. If he's forced to enter the draft, his stock will probably take a really big hit coming off a torn ACL.

Feel horrible for the kid.

But realistically this will harm him much more than it will hurt the team.

The Dorian Munroe injury hurts the team much more as safety is a far more scarce position on the roster.

Wonder if they'll keep those two tight end sets in place and try Carl Moore out as the 2nd tight end with Hernandez. We were going to have trouble getting all our WRs on the field anyway, so maybe that would help us get Moore out there. Not sure if he's a good enough blocker to play TE, though.

What's going on? We haven't even started the season and we have a bunch of injuries.

Hope everything works out for CI.

What about Riley Cooper at TE for mismatches? I don't mean blocking but for routes and mismatches. Carl Moore or Riley Cooper would do great. I'm happy with Aaron Hernandez being #1 but for depth purposes i think they should look at Carl Moore or Riley Cooper.
In my media guide that I got yesterday: Moore:6'3, 220, Cooper: 6'3, 215.
I know he isn't great but I'm glad Tate Casey came back, remember he was graduating and not returning? Like I said, he isn't great but he has experience and adds some depth at least.
Thoughts on this JO?

Jo, If I may present an idea re: CI. Here in Tampa, when fan favorite Dan Boyle of the Lightning was suddenly and unfairly traded from the team, Tampa Tribune hockey writer Erik Erlendsson, great beat guy for the team, provided a blog for fans to thank the man for all he'd done for the Bolts' franchise. I think CI is popular and a good enough cat, from what I hear, that a response would be overwhelming from the Gator fans, particularly if the word spread that this blog is something he could access. Back in Tampa, Boyle thanked everyone here in town, and left on a positive note with the fan base. Maybe that could be done for CI ,a guy who stayed in school, might be regretting that decision, and perhaps could use the positive vibes and support of the Gator Nation. Just a thought.

Good call, Rico. I'll start it right now.


Jo you never quit you get all the good information keep it up

Mr. Pallazo.

The next time you call my school scUM, we will have to meet somewhere in Tampa so I can teach you a lesson that you will never forget!


Italian cane, you are scUM. One of the most well respected and truly gifted players to ever put on a gator uniform just lost his entire senior year to injury, and you're on here challenging someone to a fight??? You're worst than scUM!


All the scUM in the world emanates from you gator fans. Muck you and all gator fans everywhere.

I remember gator fans cheering when Jim Kelly was injured in a gator- UM game. Don't give me that manure about some kid being injured. You can show up with that kazza if you want to, and I'll teach both of you a lesson you'll never forget. Now go muck yourself, scUM -bag!


Your mom must be so proud.


Italian cane, I think the new Cane motto is, "I remember when." You're comparing an injury that happened in a game over 20 years ago, to a player who passed up the big NFL money to come back for his SENIOR year and gets injured on the 3rd day of practice that officially ended his season??? Great comparison! Most human beings have respect for someone who does everything right, and still gets screwed. Then you have idiots like you who have no respect for anything, and are the true scum of the earth. Teach me a lesson I'll never forget???? That's by far the funniest thing I've ever heard! Don't worry tough guy, you're not worth the time or trouble. LOSER!

"Italian" Cane:

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