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Is Aaron Hernandez ready to take over?

GAINESVILLE -- While Florida Nation awaits the status of Cornelius Ingram's knee, let's focus on the guy who will be starting at tight end if Ingram has a serious injury.

AaronHernandez played in 13 games as a true freshman but mostly on special teams. He began to show flashes of his ability late in the season and finished the year with nine catches and two touchdowns. Hernandez (Bristol, Conn.) was the No.2-rated prep tight end in the nation in 2007, according to Rivals.com.

Hernandez could play an important role for the Gators if Ingram's MRI revealed ligament damage. According to Florida coach Urban Meyer, Ingram injured his knee on Monday during 7-on-7 drills. Ingram had an MRI on Wednesday night.

Ingram returned to UF for his redshirt senior season despite an opportunity to be drafted professionally. If injured for the season, Ingram will only be eligible for a medical hardship (sixth year of eligibility) if Florida's staff can prove to the NCAA that Ingram was previously redshirted because of an injury. Ron Zook was the head coach at UF when Ingram was redshirted (2004).

So, is Hernandez ready to be a first-stringer?

IN THE NEWS: Former Gator safety Jerimy Finch might have transferred for family reasons. CLICK ME! for more news on Finch's transfer.



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If he isn't ready, the coaches will do their best to prepare him. I feel sorry for CI if it's serious, he gave up a shot at the NFL to come back.

Hopefully it's not as serious as some inside the program think.


Why would "Hernandez" apply for Medical hardship (Second to last sentence). I think you meant Ingram? Also, we heard Demps was just leg cramps. Tell us what's going well in Gator Land too! Again, focus on the positive every once ina while too. I realize other sites put up a smoke screen ("Everything is perfect in Gator Land"), which we all know is not true, but on the flip side, we don't need to think the sky is falling either...

Thanks for the catch, Gumby. I'll change it.


Jo - I think your coverage is fine, not too morose not too homerish. I know Gumby posted on another thread that you seldom provide positive feedback, I don't agree with that. I think you chased the Ronnie Wilson thing a little too hard, if anyone is checking the blogs with any frequency, they are the variety of fan who frankly don't care that an ASA gave one of our guys a break/screwed up, whatever the case may be. Sports blog typically not the place to seek blind justice, although a commendable position.

Don't know what the word is on CI, all are unanimous in hopring for the best and feeling awful for a kid that could have taken care of himself and his family by leaving early. Seems bleak, however, given that an MRI can be read quickly enough to know the answer by now. Since nothing official has been said, it tells me the knee is possibly too swollen for an accurate read, or the film shows something and they are seeking several opinions on the matter. That could be positive because a clean tear will typically be obvious compared to the possiblity of one.

Think Hernansez is more of a traditional tight end. not as quick or proven in space as is CI. Think he could be a better blocker than CI, but CI didn't really have the opportunity last year given the infrequent tailback runs from the snap.

Well, the #1 TE in the class of '07, according to Scout and ESPN (I love how the homers always pick the worst possible ranking or rating)should be in a fine position to be a go-to type of TE, in the event Ingram is out. Also back is Tate Casey, who has a great deal of experience. I also wouldn't rule out potential star, Carl Moore getting some time over there. He's got near TE size, at 6'4" and 225; which is actually bigger than CI was when he took over the position. Hopefully, none of that will be necessary.

G8R 8U2,

I seldom reference ratings at all. They're ridiculous and I hate them. Hence, my 6-star recruit hat. I won't do it anyone more.


Thanks for the story on Finch, that was the speculation but I never saw a story on it. I realize he was moved to OLB last year, but at 6-1, 215 lbs., he could have easily, and likely happily, made the switch to safety. Oh well.

Apparently he wants to play safety for IU. Really bad timing all the way around.

Hernandez runs with authority (you got to give props to the hispanics playing football!); he will rise to the occasion. I hope CI has a speedy and healthy recovery. Thanks for the link about J.Finch. I remember when he commited everyone was confused because he never even took an official visit, it was quite a surprise. Anyways, thanks for the post. Keep it coming.

"So-and-so (Harvey/Davis/Munroe/Horsnby/Ingram...) is gone?? Oh, no worries... _________ is a superstar in the making!" Use wherever needed.

It's the CFB version of politicians trailing in the polls promising big turnouts from young, first-time voters (who don't talk to pollsters).

Good luck with that.

Oh, crap! That reminds me. I gotta go change my voter registration info!


According to The Alligator, it's not a definite, but word out of the Florida camp is that Ingram has a torn ACL and could be done for the season. That really sucks considering he came back for his senior season to get better, on top of the fact that a two TE set in that offense would've been unstoppable.

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