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Is Reaves' UF legacy tarnished after his arrest?

GAINESVILLE -- UF legend John Reaves was recently arrested for pointing a gun at two people and then later for possession of cocaine and introducing contraband into a detention facility. CLICK ME! for a story about the matter by St. Pete Times writer John Kaplan. CLICK ME! for the story from the Tampa Tribune.

Is Reaves' legacy as one of the Gators' greatest quarterbacks forever tarnished? Does anyone under the age of 35 even know who John Reaves is?



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His legacy was tarnished by the Gator flop.

never heard of him

i'm 27 and a huge sports fan and have NO clue who he is...

Saw the Flop, and Karma hits hard. Too saddened to do my usual Gator bashing.

And if you say you are a huge sports fan in Area Code 305, and you never heard of him, you never read a sports story except on the weekend.

freddy sorry but you aren't a huge sports fan if you never heard of him. I would expect you to have at least head the name.

I remember him...but then I'm 40yo.Are'nt you supposed to mellow with age? A damn near 60 yo idiot trying to re-enact old Clint Eastwood movies.Pathetic. I remember when he was in the USFL.Every post game interview with him ended up with him going televangelist.Total GOD SQUAD.Now we know why.Homie probably single handedly kept Pablo Escobar in business back in the 80's.

who cares about a gaytor...

I do remember him very well and he was one of the great ones. This is a pitty, at one time I really admired him

Screw John Reeves. What goes around comes around. When Florida's defense laid down in the last minutes of the fourth quarter of a blow out game in the Orange Bowl just so the Gators could get the ball back so John could throw a pass to set an indivdual NCAA record, that was the ultimate in bush league. It was bad karma and it's come back to bite him in the ass.

Guuuuck the loser fayturd. He is a gaytor so he can go to loser-hell.

any relationship to dan reaves lol yehaw

does university of florida still have a football team

I played pro football for two years. Never heard of the guy.

im still trying to follow up on wayne peace

who cares!

I was at the game and witnessed the "Gator Flop" in person. A thing of beauty.
Obviously, the gut has morphed into a complete idiot.
Two weeks into the season, Cane fans will forget all about this and cry about the Gators' 50+ point victory in this year's game. It will make the Gator Flop seem like a fond memory.
3-9 has really gotta suck...

Big talk spg for a gator boy whose team hasn't beat the Canes in 25 years. Your description of the flop as being gutsy defines you as a true gator.

Just another arrogant, nasty Gator. Deserved the bad karma...and got it.

Funny... Is this how pathetic sports columinsts have gotten??....Blogging about a John Reeves arrest??...This is exactly why Newspapers are going extinct. Goodman needs to find an appropriate place to express whatevever views he may have and not leave it it up to everybody else to try to expain to him how he should feel. Goodman---take a side--see if people either agree or disagree. That's what somebody with a journalism degree is taught to do.... Look I can start a blog.. Favre traded to the Bucs-How does everybody feel about that?.......What a joke.

spg.. IF UF wins the game on Sep 6th it will be in all school history books in central Florida. After all, Its only been since 1985 they won a game against UM. Were you even born then. Dickey and Reaves are SCUM! 1971 GATOR FLOP. The GATORS sure paid the price for that act.

Get em' spg. All they can do is live in the past. Its gonna be LIGHTS OUT for the hairycu#ts at the swamp this year. WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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