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Let the de-striping begin...

Florida is off today...(UPDATE: We have 40 great comments for C.I. but we need at least 40 more. Don't be shy. Wish C.I. well by leaving your own personal comment on the get-well-soon blog post. Here's the direct link to that post. CLICK ME! Seriously, a soldier in Afghanistan had the time to leave a comment for C.I., so you can take the time out, too. Hooah!)

GAINESVILLE -- One of Florida coach Urban Meyer's two-a-days traditions is welcoming freshmen into the program by removing a stripe (it's a sticker) from their helmets. (The true freshmen begin camp with a thin black sticker/stripe on their helmets.)

The de-striping process is a rite of passage. You've got to earn it, apparently. Fans get excited about the de-striping process and speculate which freshman will lose his stripe first. Past freshmen to lose their stripes first include Percy Harvin and Major Wright.

This fall, several freshmen have stood out thus far. Cornerback Jeremy Brown's work ethic is being compared to Tim Tebow. Coaches are shocked by the speedy development of receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. Defensive end William Green appears to be a star in the making and, like Hammond Jr., is a highly intelligent student-athlete. Florida coach Urban Meyer says Jeffrey Demps has already earned the right for playing time this season. Will Hill is battling for a starting spot.

ON A DIFFERENT SUBJECT, Herald correspondent Mike McCall and I asked 10 football players during media day a series of 10 questions with one-word answers. Only one player knew the capital of Montana. Not coincidentally, this same player was one of only two players who could correctly spell "Guacamole." Take a guess who the smart player is and leave your answer in the comment field. I'll announce the name on Monday afternoon after practice and think of a cool prize. (I've got plenty of cool prizes just lying around my house these days!)



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linemen are usually the smartest guys so i'll go with....

Phil Trautwein

I'll go with Moody or Tate Casey

or maybe Duke Lemmons

I'm going with John Brantley.

Big John Brown

Mickey and Friends,

Nice guesses all around but no one has guessed correctly yet. Keep them coming. I've got a great prize. Seriouisly, I do.

On a different topic: I was in Tampa today for South Florida's media day. I ran into former Gator Trent Pupello, who is playing tight end for the Bulls. Pupello seems to be happy and doing great with his new team. Also, his hair is well past his shouldes.


Just throwin darts at this point:

Caleb Sturgis? No...forget Sturgis..I'm going with Mr. Tebow.

Chas Henry

Justin Trattou


estopinan or beal

Keep guessing, seriously. No one has guessed correctly yet.


Patchan or Haden

Emmanuel Moody or Percy Harvin?

K Moore

Louis Murphy?

David Nelson or Jonathan Phillips

Brendan Beal?

Will Hill?

Matt Patchan

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