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Jeffrey Demps limping after last play of practice

GAINESVILLE -- Last play of practice and Jeffrey Demps goes down with what looks like a left knee injury. Doesn't look good. Hopefully it's just a cramp but trainers were with him on the ground for a couple minutes.

--Percy is taking another day off, apparently.
It doesn't look like Chris Rainey is practicing today either. Chris pulled a leg muscle on Tuesday.

--Kickers Caleb Sturgis and Jonathan Phillips both just made 47-yard field goals. Sturgis' was good from 55, at least. Phillips' kick barely cleared the bar.

--On to newcomers, as promised. (Oh, Bob Tebow makes his first apperance of the fall today.)

--One-on-one drills now. Deonte Thompson just juked Ahmad Black out of his shoes.

--Newcomer Ronnie Wilson getting one-on-one insruction from D-line coach Dan McCarney.

McCarney appears to be teaching Wilson the basics. Wilson's technique looks a lot like an O-lineman.

--Mike Pouncey, first-year starter, just nailed LB Ryan Stamper back five feet.

--O-line coach Steve Addazio of Wilson: "He's not even in the box. He's not even in this hemisphere.

--It's standing-room only here at the practice field. They're about to start turning fans away, I'm told.

--Full team drills: Newcomer Janoris Jenkins picks off QB John Brantley.

--Moses Jenkins on a cornerback blitz. Nice speed to chase Brantley down.



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Yeah I was there about 5 and there was a bunch of people. Btw have you checked out the Gateway of Champions? It's weird that there isn't much of a buzz for that on campus. That's gotta have massive potential for recruiting, no?

Read rumors that CI may be hurt...any word on this?

Will address CI, Demps and some other stuff I learned today in a little bit. First, I've got to write my stuff for tomorrow's paper and send it in.

I don't think Demps is OK, contrary to what you're probably going to read on the websites.
Will get into it later.


I challenge you to write something positive about the Gators.


I hope Jeffrey Demps is OK.


Oh, and nice handle.

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